Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last moon of 09

Ho eager newyears revelers! Isnt this pretty? its the veiw out my window right now its the last moon of 09. I wish what my eye sees was captureable but, anyway Ive recorded the moment. I thought it looked fit for a spooky fantasy land. The clouds were drifting slowly like grazing sheep.Ahh!

Art and life wize nothing interesting has been happening and I havent been in the mood for blogging or speaking or seeing humans. Not that anybody reads this. >:P Im settling in my new place. For a while I had a weird sence of freefloating . Unable to concetrate. The supply I need is always at the bottom of the last box I check. So, everthing has been turned on its ear. I have a new downsized studio. A cosy chair with a nice little pull cart on wheels full of supplies. I rather like this, no fuss no muss. Here's my pus-pus Sprocket keeping my spot warm for me.Im finaly getting commitments out of the way to make room for new projects. And Im excited for the new year . Today is the first day I fealt a little bit jazzed.
Happy creating to everyone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All dolled up at Eclectix

Eclectix site has been updated with images in the mini side show "All dolled up"

Show includes yours truely... Nita , Kerry Kate, Sheri deBow and JennyBird Alcantara!!!! How very cool! ^-^

Click on "current exhibit"

Sorry I have not been posting but, Im almost moved into my fresh new house.

Monday, September 14, 2009

a lil change

You might have noticed Ive been MIA (missing in action) what has happened is we cant keep up payments on our home so, were letting it go and gonna rent a smaller place. Im not too upset about it . I think its a good thing realy since my art has been in a semi slump. I say semi cause Im still sculpting,just at the rate a snail tiptoes through a salt flat. Being in a new environment and new perspective..something else to focus on will help Im sure..and I have my eye on a place that has a wisteria arbour. *hopes*

A coworker a few years ago dropped me off at the house. We both were vollenteers . Martha had 85 yrs and has since graduated to the next plane. I had just moved into this old house and I was content with my basic little life I told her. She said " just remember things change" Ayup! they did. I started to sculpt shortly after that.

Were packing our stuff. Im leting go of junk I should have filtered out a long time ago.. Like I got rid of my big teddy bear pillow cause I am a big girl now uhuh.^-^ I crave blessed simplicity. lack of clutter and clean open space- to wave my arms franticly.

Even though things seem backwash right now I think the universe must be trying to throw some good my way. I keep meeting people who want to send me gifts. its perplexed me why all of a sudden?
Recently I had my hubby drop off beads in person to a buyer on etsy who happens to live in my town. She gave me some of her sterling silver art as a gift. This large pendant in particualr isnt it gorgeous! I had a blast setting up pictures using our birdbath as a nature set. They looked to me like fairie treasure and offerings. She's plainspirit on etsy if youd like to see her other stuff. Besides the lovely gifts she is also a wonderful down to earth person and I hope this will turn into a longterm friendship.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

my own little world

Here 's my new bust "Vanessa" I think finished though Im always tempted to do just a bit more.. I actauly liked her much better without hair but , a girl must have hair and for the most part Im pleased with her. The light really makes a big diffence in how she looks. Side light makes her glow within! ^-^ I added a few freckles to fracture the flawless "covergirl " look and gave her antlers.
She embodies a longing for inner healing and for the shady bower, the babbling brook and deep peace of nature. I hope you get some of that too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Things are finaly begining to form again for me after about a month of not being able to sculpt decently.

Im also working on a green eyed mermaid so my mind is all on green and fresh things right now. I thought she might be Rusulka but, now I think she is too carefree for that. A bonett of strawberries might fit ,but Im not going to stay tied to that if she says no.

I was hoping to achieve a higher level of realism for this peice so, I worked from a photo of Milla Jovovich as a 12 year old. I dont know how that is going to work out. Maybe I should have picked a more realistic model than Milla but I also wanted an elvish look!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flame and Ash ADO challange peice

Got some nice photos of Flame and her lil companion Ash today. I hope you like them. The theme of Flame and Ash is Purfiying and Rebirth. You can see Im sure that Flame is a glaring child capable of destructive powers ,but at the same time pure and innocent with her white banadages coving her burns like a nuns habit. These are self imoliating burns as fire and smoke emerge from her mouth shown by the scaring of her cheeks and smoke stains on the bandages. The nimbus symbolizes the intense radiance and enegry within her.

Ash is like a wisp of smoke and has the face of a wize stern but, gental fellow he will see that Flame's destruction fosters beginings ,hope , growth and change. He coaxes tiny spouts to grow. He is attached with a magnet in two parts his head is able to swivel on a neck magnet for posing and the wisp of his body also can be removed from on Flames temple.

I stunned my self with the forcefulness this peice ,but also just a touch disapointed with the completed figure. It is nothing like I started out imagining!

The hair is not quite the color I wanted but, will do . Its a carrot orange with deep red tipping. I didnt get any topaz I liked for her bling but, I gave her a square rhinestone choker that I actauly wore when I was 10 till it broke. The necklace has history so, I hate to see it go ,but why hang on to things you cant use?: shrug:

Most disapointing the layering the colored clay didnt work out . I liked her much better pre-cure cause the clay yellowed and darkend in such a way that she looked ashy and dead. Yes... worse than now! So, balancing this out I painted her with a wash of white. Not wanting to heat cure her yet again I used acrylics instead of genesis. Will have to revisit to see what else emerges at a later date.
I use a white wash on most of my child figures. This has a shamanic spirit world meaning for me. Its also a devise that takes the veiwer away from predictably interpreting a literal clay skin surface. The logical mind likes to label and know it all and it flicks across a peice of art in seconds and says "ah yes I know what this is" plunks it in a labeled box and dismisses it. Does it take you seconds to be done looking ? The part of the mind I want to engage is the side that feels deeply and can stare and be facinatated or lost in what it looks at. It doesnt try to label its only a pair of fresh eager eyes.
To know what Im aiming at.. imagine my sculpts as a misty image that shifts in the light. Because it isnt flawless or entirely tangible youll find new things to see depending on the light. Like a dream child rather than a real one. Did I hit the mark? Its easy when making a painting or taking a photo to mist, blur or grain the image for mood ,in a sculpture its a whole difficnt challange! How to make something etheral thats solid and right there!?

So anyway now I am very interested in working with natural pigments and making my own gesso. I foung this link
While out blog skiping.. who was it.. Susan Mcmahon or one of the herbal or art blogs? I dunno lemme know if you think it was you.
I remembered that I used to use gesso alot on my wooden dolls carving and sanding it for shaping.. and at some point it changed consistancy and I could never carve it again. I had no idea this was because the gesso was really acrylic rather than the traditional gesso I had the fortune to use earlier. So my old love for gesso has strirred awake! I think I will try to make some ^-^

Monday, June 29, 2009

Facing the formless void

This undefined bust is how I feel right now. The head in back is old work shes there for moral support. Saying see you have skill in there somewhere.

A formless void ..As if the future is cloudy and unformed just now. More so than usual. Are we at the eye of the storm or is something wonderous about to happen that changes everything?

I had a horrible crash tapering off the Efexor and I never fealt so sick in my life!Im jake now cept for some insomnia really! ^.^And if not Bah anyway! Im ready for my seat next to YOU and the dormouse!

I had some insight recently. I dont give a rats posterior about being in magazines or making a ton of green. Im not terribly impressed by most honors people wave around as proof of something. I dont wanna be a high productive machine. Id rather a few special people cherish my intimate artworks. Maybe pass them on to their kids later.. Thats good cause I had got caught up in feeling a bit guilty for not being the doll a week workhorse type. I imagine alot and research alot and thats part of the process I enjoy. Im not only fashioning the hollow semblance of a figure .I want to capture the soul and full story. You cant do that rushing to 3rd base. Wham bam thank ye mam! is good for making babies fast but, it makes a lousy lover!

I made some tiny food in an effort to feel I was doing something in ther direction of artfulness. Everytime I try to make a face I got some ugly thing. And not as in neat salty character! Ive even stopped work on Flame my ADO Challange peice because I started to strip ,carve away and redo and then strip down and redo over and over! I knew if I kept it up Id have a ruined peice!

I made an Amanita Muscara. I dont think theyre edible ,but see... my names in there.

And a cute morel. Something I cant mess up and finish quickWhew! Someday Id like to taste a morel after were properly introduced. They have a funky look as if they could poison you if they decided not to like you.

I started practicing making these fruit, and forest harvest for a future peice . I want a mediaeval gathering basket briming with bounty of nature. Including honey comb ,flowers, herbs .. maybe some handmade foods like buiscuit or cheese.

A summer abundance theme. Sounds like a positive peice huh? Just watch somehow I will have the best of intentions and something creepy will come of it! >:{ Hey I cant help it dont hate me for chanelling the angel that picked me!

Monday, June 8, 2009

ADO Elements Challange FIRE

This is Flame O'neal . I started her in brown prosculpt since I had that around and I wont use prosculpt for any tiny sculpture since its fragile and I mixed in some kato. My clay was getting low so, Im going through my scrap clay! At this point I hated her. It seemed she might never look right.

Since I missed the other challanges I figured I better do this one cause what if the next challange suxs and uninspires ... Im likely to get kicked out of ADO!

So, anyway I chose Fire as my element. My reasoning is Ive done alot of mermaids,blue dressed peices and I havent done much in the warm tones. I thought of Austrialian opals and citrines and topaz.
Plus I took into consideration the symbolic values of each element. I have plenty earth ,water,and air in my life,but I could sure use some fire! Energy, excitement , passion! A little balance is in order right?

Now I hear in the back of my brain.. you dont belive that fluffy shit do ya? Well first of all the unconscious speaks in symbols ...realy has a time understanding left brain concepts like labeling things and order, numbers , writing, time , schedualing and measurement... ya know all that stuff Im lacking?
And guess what doves?? your muse is most comfortable shacking up in your right brain. So.. its not so far fetched that speaking in her own language (imagery, directions, symbols, faces and emotions) and seeking balance in your expression could make for a healthy muse. Eager to please YOU her helpless host. ^-^
Look what happened. Scary huh? I think I am thrown a curveball sometimes. She appears purple in this shot because of blue skylight. I got this silver nimbus crown and I think she looks swell with it. I decided from the begining I wanted to base my fire peice on the purifying qualities of flame and the way after a fire ash will cause plants to regrow.

Here she is now. Looking lovely and angelical.

She will also have a companion Ash a small being.. I have yet to sculpt him and her hand and of course she needs hair and other things to complete. Luckily I have the end of June to finish her.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Briar as Sandman's Death

This is a custom Briar I am working on. Isnt she haunting like this?:D She needs black eyes which I will make to replace the blue glass ones and her angora wig needs to be dyed black too. Ill need to make a simple black dress for her ,but the thing is she needs some black biker like boots. Im not sure how to make them and the one for sale that would fit her are $40!
She's base coated with Mr super clear and Im using model paints to paint her face. These paints donot blend! However I hate that pastels wear off so easily if touched!
I havent read Neil Gaiman's Sandman series,but I have read neverwhere and stardust. I hope Ive captured the way she is suposed to look. I searched for images online of her and each one seemed diffenrt!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Song a unicorn girl!

Well if you havent seen her yet.. spamed all over I did^-^ I have to post images of my uni girl here too. Im just so proud of this peice! Download the super highres at deviant art!

She is sold today and didnt make it to Etsy. Im sorry about that,but my recent not feeling too hot has progressed into a full blown strep throat or staph. The whole... list it, describe it , price,notify list seemed overwhelming . So I took ye old quick and easy route. Nitabug falls to peices bit by bit film at 11!

Her hair is a 7" long mohair. I put the mohair in peroxide and in a sunny window to lighten it further since I cant seem to find a shiney soft mohair that is a true white. Its still not as albino pure as I had in mind ,but close enough. I kinda wish Id sculpted her fully so I could make her white hooves and forelock too!
She has large holes in her earlobes but no earings. Also a large lowerlip /chin hole but no plug there. Theres a chance that over the ages in bad times gems and gold were taken to be sold or melted down . Sad dont you think? Since we have so few artifacts remaining that show the fine workmanship of the unirace.
The little bit of clothing she has is felted milk fiber. A bit of the storm blue I posted about earlier. Then I added a thread knot. I pull these out of the washing machine and save them. Inevitably the seams on my clothing hook on another peice of clothing and I find these serindipidous knots of colorful threads. I felted that into the milk fiber. Very organic no? And a pretty clear irridecent star pin that at first was sculpted right into her crown on the left side. I think it belonged to her grandmother. This is what my muse says... I dont make this stuff up!

I need to find another star button. one of my many family pet moms pet name for me is Starseed. So I wanted to make a starseed peice. Husband says "no, if you make that its mine"! So , in popped the quirkey replacement name Starwad. I will get around to making a starwad bust when a star object pops up in my life and says" hey there you need me doncha?"*winks*

In the meantime Flame and Ash bust for the elements challange will be emerging along side other bits and bobs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arinhrod the second attempt

Hello here I am ! half bubble off plumb ,but fighting the good fight!Here are fresh piccies of Arinhrod turning out much more to my liking this time.

Ive scultped her hands and only have to add them after a bit of sanding. Im doing so poorly at finishing her in a timely manner and Im far more inspired to work on busts right now! Simpler to finish , larger so no squinty detail and no need for clothing. I am planing to close commissions for a while to recover.But still have a mermaid commission for June. really would like to have Arinhrod finished by that time. I was hoping to get some deep blue czech glass buttons for her crown. Similar to what Mucha medalions on his ladies on either side of the ear. I found these from Crazycakes on Etsy.

Czech glass buttons are so dreamy Id like a huge collection of them! Of course instead of keeping them for show Id sculpt them as cabochons into creepy masses of my" dark baroque "engravings

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiber Porn!

Turn away if you have no interest in needle felting. Its a potentialy addictive craft. You stab fibers aimlessly with a needle. A very calming medative action... when its icepics Id like to drive through peoples heads...ehem. At the end of it you can have a nice critter body, a hat or cloak.

Got this wonderful package of felting fibers in the mail. All wrapped in blue sparkly tissue paper and a sweet little tag from the seller.

It's "blue storm" milk fiber. A varigrated bluish grey and it does look just like clouds. My idea was to use this for Arinhrods sleeves. Long medieval pendulum sleeves with tattered whispy edges.

The texture is very similar to silk tussah and it it a bit less glinty. it felts up lovely,soft and very lightweight.
Also was included a free sample of curly golden honey mohair?locks. Im happy for a while.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

lil mamas's day in the woods

I spent the day in the mountain's with my mama. I call her lil mama since she's only 5'. I think I out grew her around 12! we had a nice afternoon stroll looking for wildflowers.

It was a good wet winter and there were Alpine's, blue dick's, blue eyes,White yarrow in bloom. tiny yellow guys I dont know the names of .

Mom braided my hair as I sat under a big pine looking for owl scat. Looks like they havent come to that spot in a while. I was hoping to find some tiny rodent bones. She also gave me some Primorose. Hopefuly that will get me through my anxiety and help me get off medication.

Kind of a neat story. Ive never known any of my grandparents which is sad because I love old stuff especialy the stories old people tell. But I happend to search online and found my great neice Erica online. We'd never met and I dont think we knew of each others existance. Through her I got some photos. Including one that was a black and while photo . It looked cliped from a newspaper of my paternal great grandmother Jessie. It was added to the church flier they have when someone dies. She had the kindest eyes so, I imeadiatly connected to her even though I never knew her! I decided that photo wasnt very nice so, I took it into photoshop and painted it. On the flier it mentioned a favorite poem of hers was called "keep a goin" so, I googled it! Its pretty good advice from the previous generation.. for anybody in these times ;)

Keep a-Goin' (by Frank L. Stanton c1920)

If you strike a thorn or rose,Keep a-goin'!If it hails of if it snows,Keep a-goin'!'

Taint no use to sit an'whineWhen the fish ain't on your line;Bait your hook an' keep a-tryin'-Keep a-goin'!

When the weather kills your crop,Keep a-goin'!Though 'tis work to reach the top,Keep a-goin'!

S'pose you're out o' ev'ry dime,Gittin' broke ain't any crime;Tell the world you're feelin' prime -Keep a-goin'!

When it looks like all is up,Keep a-goin'!Drain the sweetness from the cup,Keep a-goin'!

See the wild birds on the wing,Hear the bells that sweetly ring,When you feel like sighin', sing -Keep a-goin'!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

facing burnout!

My mind is always busy with ideas... sometimes irrational ideas like a new name for my punk band ,words with hidden meaning.. like Sleetwealth or how to make a loom to put acid trippin spiders to weaving fairy lace.

Regardless if Im sick or realy dont feel like working on art, I do it every single day. Some of my best peices were sculpted in bed, sometimes while sick or just not wanting to face the world. Some of my worst peices were sculpted in bed too. ^o^either at 3am when am suddenly struck by the muse or with the agitated nessesity of meeting a deadline.

Last month Dr. Warsaw has informed me he has no more effexor samples for me . Just like that your on your own kid.. Since I cant afford 600 a month Im going to have a short tapering off. @_@ I wasnt maintaining well anyway since the crap makes me sleep ridiculosly long hours and cuts into my sculpting time.

So this is my new work area. it looks kinda lonely right now huh?
I love it though! Two overhead florecent lights. An amber window which is tinting the room . Lots more space and white countertop to work on.
Im having the hardest time finishing Arinhrod. I see only frustrating mistakes with her. Her face is lovely and her violet eyes ,but Im so burnt out and unenthusiastic as if a thread has been cut between us. Im tempted to start again from scratch until I can feel it with this one again. Shes waiting for her hands and a sculpted corset not even much sculpting left to do! The sleeves and dress will be fabric. I must say I am not enjoying puppen fimo right now so, I want to switch clays Again!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ah have not heard of the Shiwadlion? It doesnt surprise me as its such a coveted thing. One must be very brave and steadfast to discover our land, let alone take on the hike to the wildest parts of the island. Braving rocky cliffs to come to the windswept hidden valleys of grass just as it turns from verdant green to gold!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lazy day

Its a beautiful spring day ,but my studio is still a shambles! I had'nt realized what a supply pack rat Ive become! I set up a spot where I can hang my doll s form the ceiling as i work,but I would like one of those metal banana trees so, I can hang them in the oven as well. It would be great to have no more flat bums and toes.

So this is my humbly pretty veiw outside the window in my workshop. How do you like our lawn? Now I know what youre thinking ,but this unmowed, tousled wildflower feild look takes alot of effort!!! heh heh

Across the way you can see the niebors roof. behind our bare grape vine. The trees of heaven are naked too,but They get the neatest red leaves! Heres a picture from a few years ago. With a shiwadlion Ive picked.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another award thingy!

Ok Iam honored,but Im going to have to ask that be the last yall! I have much work to do this year. Thanks for showing me the love ^-^

Sprite gave me this Proximity award. This one has a really nice message I think.

The description of this award is as follows.
This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!”and so I give pass this award to 8 other bloggers, friends...and ask that they do the same....

Lemme see 5 addictions yawns about 5 of my biggest influences right now? or you could call it the gnawing muses insistant whispers.


Brothers Quay. I am going to attempt antique German or French style leather bodies soon . Im starting to like the odd some would say ugly proportions of these bodies and the patina of the old waxy leather. I think there is intruiging tension in them

2. Queen Annie's Ive always loved them,but just discovered reproductions of them in blogdom and something about thier squirrely eyes,cracked complextions and lush costumes is insta love for me!Someday gotta make at least one!

3. Felting fibers. It helps me to dream up completely non related images. Im considering sculpting Rusualka again because I saw a most beautiful peice of mossy green mohair on etsy!

For some reason I just love the symbolic feel of using milk fiber!

4. Anything folk art retablo, shrine shaped or featuring santos(saints) or creche figures.

5.metailic thread ,knitting,tatting or knotting whichevers simplest!This is insane I know ,but since metalic lace trim is expensive and not small scale enough to please me. Im reasearching making my own. I prolly should pay the man the 20 dollars!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arinhrod wip's etc

Here's my commission in progress. Night queen Arinhrod. Her name means "silver wheel" refering to the stars.

She is further along that this. I always take pictures to reveal assemetry and flaws. Ill be busy on her April ,but Im also furing a coat for a feral girl for Etsy. That takes alot of patience if you dont want the fur to look mangey! And Im almost out of crafters pick aeeeh! Then I have continueing work on my tryptich. With a tiny automata girl curled inside. Im really excited to see her finished. Im in the middle of moving my workshop from its cramped ,dark little hallway to a spare room once my husbands guy room/den. Lookd into disks of old wip piccies today and of my old work areas, Im always so jealous yet intrugued seeing other peoples workspaces! So many goodies and tools, bolts of cloth like that princess and the pea story and dolls laying about. I dont have much to see but, parts and peices of accidents. my desk is childs bedroom vanity without a mirror. Someday Id like to refurbish it and paint some nature scenes on the front of the drawers. but its not comfortable to sit at long so Im guilty of sculpting while checking email! Which I read at ADO invites ...dust! Ptah save us!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gypsy: nobody's child

Im so embarrassed I have so many projects going at once and waiting to be worked on! I even have a commission for a queen of night in the works.
I dont know what happened... I couldnt resist working on her right away! (((( on Etsy now)))))
This lil one wanted to be born now! She has gemstone earings and freehand writing across her forhead, Her hair is the softest pearl grey fur (naturaly shed) and in her gilded nitcho is a picture of a screaming monkey and a uncut crystal. both behind a tiny lense that can be removed.

My zombie fairy awaits the perfect base, Amulet is painted and is getting her dredlocks, my feral girl is slowly getting fur applied to her coat. The trypitch is coming along with its intricate details and in the meantime beads need finishing and I am testing body patterns for future leather soft bodys.