Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OMGoddess I am in Luv!

Set the pigeons loose!Sound the trumpet's! At last the ulimate love my my life has walzed in. This is what Ive been searching for! I have been studying Polish and French Monstrance, I have been oogleing metallic vestment laces. I have been sculpting dear child martyrs with holes in their chests containing relics and I have petted the memory of my teenaged admiration for the bust of King Charlemagne!
this heavenly relequary bust is via Morbid Anatomy! I take it as blessing Woot!

Im finishishing things up. Scarlet is nearly ready and Ive decided not to included the body this time. Ahhhhh rats! Buuut, it will happen truly. Ive sold my book and used that to bid on pink lambskin. I see you lamb=( My body to grow the grasses that your children's children eat.As soon as I can I will replace with reclaimed leather.

This is a closeup of Scarlet's unusual birthmark. I dyed some nasty greenish blond hair I had into a brown to use for scarlet,but it still seems the wrong tone for her.
I thought you might like to see her nitch has a diamond studded door this time and can be opened easily on a hinge to reveal the content. A faux baby tooth.
Scarlet was a child born blind and with a unusual birthmark and showed unusual talents. A kind child, wise beyond her years.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear starlings! I am presently working on 3 child busts,but none of them are finishing up as quickly as Id like or need! I await some exquisite reliquary pendants from Aus that Im dying to use!!! Im further exploring the insides of my dolls poor flayed chests and need windows and ways to hold the hollow clay space open.
Camile is so sweet! I love her,but who knows what the muse has in store for her and me! Im thinking a cameo choker and of sepia tones for her old fashioned hazel eyed look,but I like it if each of my girls has a surprise dark streak in their sweetness.

I am nearly out of mohair, nearly out of clay, one of them got moonies I had to repair and Id so love to hold her back to be molded for a limited edition in resin. I need to sell one to afford the leather for bodies I want to begin making.delays,delays, le sigh. In the mean time Im having a sudden flush of drive to sculpt and ideas like nobodys business! I like this!!!:D

Also I have a book I am thinking of selling to fund my supply needs. Learning to be a doll artist by Martha Armstrong hand. Its in demand right now for BJD making techniques. And Susan Oroyan "designing the doll" most doll artist have this but oh well.

I also have June Goodnows vhs on making molds and casting dolls in resin and a lutz girl body with clothes and wigs. Ill throw in a Briar torso to play with and edit if your a blossuming bjd sculptor that could be helpful..
The body is un-moded ,unaltered, second owner. Im willing to part with.. I will sell say 300 or trade for supples. Like patented leather. I prefer in pastel pink, cream,buff, parchment or any dusty pastel.Quality angora mohair in the palest blond and clay. Flesh clay even the brown in puppen,prosculpt,premo or fimo classic.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kush :Gold,Iron and Blood

So, I finished my sculpture today! I hope you like her. She is a fantasy based on the ancient civilization of Kush.
She is the ghost of a lion dancer that haunts the desert. She met some tragic end so long ago even her name is lost. Maybe if your brave enough to put her by your bedside she will whisper it to you in your dreams.@-@

Originally I started her for the Frida Kahlo challenge,but I had a hideous face that wouldnt obey. I finaly let her do as she would! I'm so glad I did.She is a strong piece! She changed so much! After I baked her she darkened. She had very white kinda bucked teeth but, those darkened too. I thought of painting them,but do ghosts have pearly whites? Shes on Etsy right now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creepy eyes and goodies make me happy

Im stoked today.. I discovered very cool glass eyes! They are made in 1912! Usually I love to drool over vintage supplies of every kind and I get ideas just looking,but this time I just had to buy up all I could afford! They come in 2 parts the white sclera base and the clear glass cornea! You can paint the iris,but Ill have to think on that the dead white is so incredible!
I am going to make some big eyed children with these!:D

So, also my mind has been milling a lot on improving my productions and my figures. I wanted soft bodies. This is a sneek peek of Scarlet tested on a leather body. I made to look old. I think the worn leather body and strange white eyes will just fit together for someone.

I also got this nice metallic lace on Etsy. I adore metallic lace and I think its key for getting a quasi religious look for my martyred child warriors and waifs. But its hard to find in small scale or really nice stuff that doesnt tap me out.

Oh also quick add.. for you Bev this green eyed girl. I havent forgotten!