Monday, September 14, 2009

a lil change

You might have noticed Ive been MIA (missing in action) what has happened is we cant keep up payments on our home so, were letting it go and gonna rent a smaller place. Im not too upset about it . I think its a good thing realy since my art has been in a semi slump. I say semi cause Im still sculpting,just at the rate a snail tiptoes through a salt flat. Being in a new environment and new perspective..something else to focus on will help Im sure..and I have my eye on a place that has a wisteria arbour. *hopes*

A coworker a few years ago dropped me off at the house. We both were vollenteers . Martha had 85 yrs and has since graduated to the next plane. I had just moved into this old house and I was content with my basic little life I told her. She said " just remember things change" Ayup! they did. I started to sculpt shortly after that.

Were packing our stuff. Im leting go of junk I should have filtered out a long time ago.. Like I got rid of my big teddy bear pillow cause I am a big girl now uhuh.^-^ I crave blessed simplicity. lack of clutter and clean open space- to wave my arms franticly.

Even though things seem backwash right now I think the universe must be trying to throw some good my way. I keep meeting people who want to send me gifts. its perplexed me why all of a sudden?
Recently I had my hubby drop off beads in person to a buyer on etsy who happens to live in my town. She gave me some of her sterling silver art as a gift. This large pendant in particualr isnt it gorgeous! I had a blast setting up pictures using our birdbath as a nature set. They looked to me like fairie treasure and offerings. She's plainspirit on etsy if youd like to see her other stuff. Besides the lovely gifts she is also a wonderful down to earth person and I hope this will turn into a longterm friendship.