Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colorless World

Is the title of my new sculpture.She is taking longer than I thought. She has no hair or soft elements. I even sculpted her eyelashes and a small braid in back. She wears a full black clay suit with gothic incised patterns, embedded vintage ink stained rhinestones and an aged ivory Lorraine cross emblem in front.
I really love her expression and this style. The framing effect of the costume clay versus the painted skin colored clay. Id really like a buffed gloss finish to the black and then with some corrosion and aging effects on the surface.

I think she still needs gloss on lips and around eyes. I dont know if I should paint her eyebrows black. Maybe soft brows make her eyes pop...What do you think? :) I feel really good about my work this year. Really stoked about some really special ideas I have.