Thursday, June 24, 2010


This girl turned out really lovely ,but is so hard to get good photos of! She turned out very graceful and sweet ,but light in mood this time not so dark as my other pieces. I had fun draping her dress to look floaty and like you see in classical paintings.

I also discovered it's not so easy to attach a clay figure to a glass base! To solve the problem ,I filled the candle hole with clear resin and drilled that so the wire of of the doll armature fit down inside. Then, I also had to permanently glue the figure with epoxy to keep her from leaning. The candle hole wasn't quite a deep enough hole. Anyway I fixed it!^-^ but, OOAK doll making a problem solvers dream!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mistwalker WIP

Im in the middle of dressing this piece ,but Im so proud of her so, far I had to share.
I'm sticking with a very classical style for her.Even her face is like a prim Victorian woman. Her head is about an inch in size and her eyes are like a sunlit misty day over clear waters. I used a slightly darker shade of aqua for the pupil instead of black. I want a wispy, light look for this piece. She will have a whiff of pastel blush and not much more paint than that.

The wire laurel she holds is because Ive fallen hard for the beautiful metallic lace jewelry of Edera!

I cant hope to get the same look on such a tiny scale,but I wish with all my heart I could dress an entire figure in a gown of spider web silver, teensy baroque pearls and moonstone! Since the economy has dampened my supply splurges Ive begun to looooong for decadent luxury in my work even more as if this ole real life stuff cannot touch my fairy realms!
I think I will save up for something extra special where it will make a super impact.