Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gypsy: nobody's child

Im so embarrassed I have so many projects going at once and waiting to be worked on! I even have a commission for a queen of night in the works.
I dont know what happened... I couldnt resist working on her right away! (((( on Etsy now)))))
This lil one wanted to be born now! She has gemstone earings and freehand writing across her forhead, Her hair is the softest pearl grey fur (naturaly shed) and in her gilded nitcho is a picture of a screaming monkey and a uncut crystal. both behind a tiny lense that can be removed.

My zombie fairy awaits the perfect base, Amulet is painted and is getting her dredlocks, my feral girl is slowly getting fur applied to her coat. The trypitch is coming along with its intricate details and in the meantime beads need finishing and I am testing body patterns for future leather soft bodys.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The lilest thing

I know I havent been talkative. Im a bit withdrawn, overwhelmed and depressed these last weeks. This will cycle around and Ill be back to myself soon Im sure.

I got a sweet little kreativ blogger award from Tracy ala Dust of Enchantment. Thank's Tracy!

7 things I like... oh dears and I must tag 7 others. Ill get to that later.

7. The sun warm peaches from my tree.

6. waking up to loud purrs.

5. Spring

4 . Intense orange lindt chocolate

3. Threadbare silk velvet

2. My cherished sisterfreinds even the guy ones.

1.When my man gets on his knees and lays his head in my lap.

Ok. heres my kreative blog victims. Eeeh how to find someone not already hit?

7. cause I like all the fun wip and workshop photos!

6. Pat !

5. Sue cause I said Id get you!

4. Christine

3. Erin

2. Susie

1. Joanna

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bizzy Bee

I hope none of you are waiting for me to post beads or sculpture on etsy. Etsy doesnt except paypal for seller fees and my CC is overdrawn and it will take a while before I can get it back to health. So be patient with me. I still want to begin a peice for the ADO challange Shakespeare! But I dont know if Ill have time. A bust of Ophelia I think because I adore Waterhouse and Milias

Ive been working on this elf head version of Briar. The head is done and the cleaned up hands are done too and Ill be sending those out right away to get cast. I think shes even better as a fae girl. Elf ear Briar is slated to debut in Dolls magazine too:D

Ive been juggling! I finished my sexy godess commission Emma. Check my deviant art page to see several high res images of her.

This heres my Tryptich in progress. Coming along well and Im excited to see it develop. Same theme as the previous one and it'll probably be encrusted with ornament by the time Im finished. Its 8" instead of 4" so , Il include a doll inside and will have the two side flaps. Somehow it reminds me of the big door to Moria in lord of the rings. I used Durland's wax medium with ocher pastel for antiquing the paper. It gives it a nice texturel.