Saturday, May 30, 2009

Briar as Sandman's Death

This is a custom Briar I am working on. Isnt she haunting like this?:D She needs black eyes which I will make to replace the blue glass ones and her angora wig needs to be dyed black too. Ill need to make a simple black dress for her ,but the thing is she needs some black biker like boots. Im not sure how to make them and the one for sale that would fit her are $40!
She's base coated with Mr super clear and Im using model paints to paint her face. These paints donot blend! However I hate that pastels wear off so easily if touched!
I havent read Neil Gaiman's Sandman series,but I have read neverwhere and stardust. I hope Ive captured the way she is suposed to look. I searched for images online of her and each one seemed diffenrt!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Song a unicorn girl!

Well if you havent seen her yet.. spamed all over I did^-^ I have to post images of my uni girl here too. Im just so proud of this peice! Download the super highres at deviant art!

She is sold today and didnt make it to Etsy. Im sorry about that,but my recent not feeling too hot has progressed into a full blown strep throat or staph. The whole... list it, describe it , price,notify list seemed overwhelming . So I took ye old quick and easy route. Nitabug falls to peices bit by bit film at 11!

Her hair is a 7" long mohair. I put the mohair in peroxide and in a sunny window to lighten it further since I cant seem to find a shiney soft mohair that is a true white. Its still not as albino pure as I had in mind ,but close enough. I kinda wish Id sculpted her fully so I could make her white hooves and forelock too!
She has large holes in her earlobes but no earings. Also a large lowerlip /chin hole but no plug there. Theres a chance that over the ages in bad times gems and gold were taken to be sold or melted down . Sad dont you think? Since we have so few artifacts remaining that show the fine workmanship of the unirace.
The little bit of clothing she has is felted milk fiber. A bit of the storm blue I posted about earlier. Then I added a thread knot. I pull these out of the washing machine and save them. Inevitably the seams on my clothing hook on another peice of clothing and I find these serindipidous knots of colorful threads. I felted that into the milk fiber. Very organic no? And a pretty clear irridecent star pin that at first was sculpted right into her crown on the left side. I think it belonged to her grandmother. This is what my muse says... I dont make this stuff up!

I need to find another star button. one of my many family pet moms pet name for me is Starseed. So I wanted to make a starseed peice. Husband says "no, if you make that its mine"! So , in popped the quirkey replacement name Starwad. I will get around to making a starwad bust when a star object pops up in my life and says" hey there you need me doncha?"*winks*

In the meantime Flame and Ash bust for the elements challange will be emerging along side other bits and bobs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arinhrod the second attempt

Hello here I am ! half bubble off plumb ,but fighting the good fight!Here are fresh piccies of Arinhrod turning out much more to my liking this time.

Ive scultped her hands and only have to add them after a bit of sanding. Im doing so poorly at finishing her in a timely manner and Im far more inspired to work on busts right now! Simpler to finish , larger so no squinty detail and no need for clothing. I am planing to close commissions for a while to recover.But still have a mermaid commission for June. really would like to have Arinhrod finished by that time. I was hoping to get some deep blue czech glass buttons for her crown. Similar to what Mucha medalions on his ladies on either side of the ear. I found these from Crazycakes on Etsy.

Czech glass buttons are so dreamy Id like a huge collection of them! Of course instead of keeping them for show Id sculpt them as cabochons into creepy masses of my" dark baroque "engravings

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fiber Porn!

Turn away if you have no interest in needle felting. Its a potentialy addictive craft. You stab fibers aimlessly with a needle. A very calming medative action... when its icepics Id like to drive through peoples heads...ehem. At the end of it you can have a nice critter body, a hat or cloak.

Got this wonderful package of felting fibers in the mail. All wrapped in blue sparkly tissue paper and a sweet little tag from the seller.

It's "blue storm" milk fiber. A varigrated bluish grey and it does look just like clouds. My idea was to use this for Arinhrods sleeves. Long medieval pendulum sleeves with tattered whispy edges.

The texture is very similar to silk tussah and it it a bit less glinty. it felts up lovely,soft and very lightweight.
Also was included a free sample of curly golden honey mohair?locks. Im happy for a while.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

lil mamas's day in the woods

I spent the day in the mountain's with my mama. I call her lil mama since she's only 5'. I think I out grew her around 12! we had a nice afternoon stroll looking for wildflowers.

It was a good wet winter and there were Alpine's, blue dick's, blue eyes,White yarrow in bloom. tiny yellow guys I dont know the names of .

Mom braided my hair as I sat under a big pine looking for owl scat. Looks like they havent come to that spot in a while. I was hoping to find some tiny rodent bones. She also gave me some Primorose. Hopefuly that will get me through my anxiety and help me get off medication.

Kind of a neat story. Ive never known any of my grandparents which is sad because I love old stuff especialy the stories old people tell. But I happend to search online and found my great neice Erica online. We'd never met and I dont think we knew of each others existance. Through her I got some photos. Including one that was a black and while photo . It looked cliped from a newspaper of my paternal great grandmother Jessie. It was added to the church flier they have when someone dies. She had the kindest eyes so, I imeadiatly connected to her even though I never knew her! I decided that photo wasnt very nice so, I took it into photoshop and painted it. On the flier it mentioned a favorite poem of hers was called "keep a goin" so, I googled it! Its pretty good advice from the previous generation.. for anybody in these times ;)

Keep a-Goin' (by Frank L. Stanton c1920)

If you strike a thorn or rose,Keep a-goin'!If it hails of if it snows,Keep a-goin'!'

Taint no use to sit an'whineWhen the fish ain't on your line;Bait your hook an' keep a-tryin'-Keep a-goin'!

When the weather kills your crop,Keep a-goin'!Though 'tis work to reach the top,Keep a-goin'!

S'pose you're out o' ev'ry dime,Gittin' broke ain't any crime;Tell the world you're feelin' prime -Keep a-goin'!

When it looks like all is up,Keep a-goin'!Drain the sweetness from the cup,Keep a-goin'!

See the wild birds on the wing,Hear the bells that sweetly ring,When you feel like sighin', sing -Keep a-goin'!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

facing burnout!

My mind is always busy with ideas... sometimes irrational ideas like a new name for my punk band ,words with hidden meaning.. like Sleetwealth or how to make a loom to put acid trippin spiders to weaving fairy lace.

Regardless if Im sick or realy dont feel like working on art, I do it every single day. Some of my best peices were sculpted in bed, sometimes while sick or just not wanting to face the world. Some of my worst peices were sculpted in bed too. ^o^either at 3am when am suddenly struck by the muse or with the agitated nessesity of meeting a deadline.

Last month Dr. Warsaw has informed me he has no more effexor samples for me . Just like that your on your own kid.. Since I cant afford 600 a month Im going to have a short tapering off. @_@ I wasnt maintaining well anyway since the crap makes me sleep ridiculosly long hours and cuts into my sculpting time.

So this is my new work area. it looks kinda lonely right now huh?
I love it though! Two overhead florecent lights. An amber window which is tinting the room . Lots more space and white countertop to work on.
Im having the hardest time finishing Arinhrod. I see only frustrating mistakes with her. Her face is lovely and her violet eyes ,but Im so burnt out and unenthusiastic as if a thread has been cut between us. Im tempted to start again from scratch until I can feel it with this one again. Shes waiting for her hands and a sculpted corset not even much sculpting left to do! The sleeves and dress will be fabric. I must say I am not enjoying puppen fimo right now so, I want to switch clays Again!