Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flame and Ash ADO challange peice

Got some nice photos of Flame and her lil companion Ash today. I hope you like them. The theme of Flame and Ash is Purfiying and Rebirth. You can see Im sure that Flame is a glaring child capable of destructive powers ,but at the same time pure and innocent with her white banadages coving her burns like a nuns habit. These are self imoliating burns as fire and smoke emerge from her mouth shown by the scaring of her cheeks and smoke stains on the bandages. The nimbus symbolizes the intense radiance and enegry within her.

Ash is like a wisp of smoke and has the face of a wize stern but, gental fellow he will see that Flame's destruction fosters beginings ,hope , growth and change. He coaxes tiny spouts to grow. He is attached with a magnet in two parts his head is able to swivel on a neck magnet for posing and the wisp of his body also can be removed from on Flames temple.

I stunned my self with the forcefulness this peice ,but also just a touch disapointed with the completed figure. It is nothing like I started out imagining!

The hair is not quite the color I wanted but, will do . Its a carrot orange with deep red tipping. I didnt get any topaz I liked for her bling but, I gave her a square rhinestone choker that I actauly wore when I was 10 till it broke. The necklace has history so, I hate to see it go ,but why hang on to things you cant use?: shrug:

Most disapointing the layering the colored clay didnt work out . I liked her much better pre-cure cause the clay yellowed and darkend in such a way that she looked ashy and dead. Yes... worse than now! So, balancing this out I painted her with a wash of white. Not wanting to heat cure her yet again I used acrylics instead of genesis. Will have to revisit to see what else emerges at a later date.
I use a white wash on most of my child figures. This has a shamanic spirit world meaning for me. Its also a devise that takes the veiwer away from predictably interpreting a literal clay skin surface. The logical mind likes to label and know it all and it flicks across a peice of art in seconds and says "ah yes I know what this is" plunks it in a labeled box and dismisses it. Does it take you seconds to be done looking ? The part of the mind I want to engage is the side that feels deeply and can stare and be facinatated or lost in what it looks at. It doesnt try to label its only a pair of fresh eager eyes.
To know what Im aiming at.. imagine my sculpts as a misty image that shifts in the light. Because it isnt flawless or entirely tangible youll find new things to see depending on the light. Like a dream child rather than a real one. Did I hit the mark? Its easy when making a painting or taking a photo to mist, blur or grain the image for mood ,in a sculpture its a whole difficnt challange! How to make something etheral thats solid and right there!?

So anyway now I am very interested in working with natural pigments and making my own gesso. I foung this link
While out blog skiping.. who was it.. Susan Mcmahon or one of the herbal or art blogs? I dunno lemme know if you think it was you.
I remembered that I used to use gesso alot on my wooden dolls carving and sanding it for shaping.. and at some point it changed consistancy and I could never carve it again. I had no idea this was because the gesso was really acrylic rather than the traditional gesso I had the fortune to use earlier. So my old love for gesso has strirred awake! I think I will try to make some ^-^