Saturday, January 31, 2009

Avalon Preistess Angels sing!!!

Here she is in all her glory ,though I have to say her photos dont do her justice! Im so proud of myself for making this dress. ...Yes dont snicker you talented seamstresses! Im so intimidated by costume design,but naturaly I have an unatural love for expensive fabric and vintagey trims and lace so, what better excuse to buy it than to sew PreRaphealite and medieval gowns? I learned about the joy of interfacing and that I desperatly need cloth reserved scissors and that frey check could be my best friend.
I hope you approve of my fox. Its my first and hopefuly Ill get alot better at it. She does have eyes somewhere burried in shadow. Mi lady also has braids that cascade from her temples if you can see them. *grumbles* I get by with a little help from my friends! Tiny rubyred swavarski crystals (on the celtic necklace) Gorgeous moss green silk and "Delectable mountain" batise courtesy of Bev Choi,Victoria Mock, Heidi:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avalon almost finished

Avalon Priestess getting her hair do done. I really surprised myself with the gown. The bodice I had to size and sew over and over to get right.
I might add a simple sleeve panel over the white liene sleeve a plaid wrap with round pin stiched in place and possible a string of beads on the neck.

I tried to get plaid in there somewhere to convey the kilt which has its roots in celtic clothing. Id like to have had a bit of a tribal touch ,but I couldnt think of anything except the wode paint.

I could use some help if anyone has tips about soft body figures. Id like to switch to sculpting a breast plate and hands and making a type of soft body that has a solidish form. Not slouchy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

too late! I done been mooned er..that is tagged

Horror of horrors I have to try to find 6 things that arnt totally boring about me! Sue get your for this some day!

1. Im addicted to gummies. Worms,bears and sour dinosaurs. I can eat an entire bag in one sitting.

2. I listen to alot of old time radio programs . The Edgar Bergan show,Suspence and x- minus one are some of my favorites. I even sing old commertial jingles before my time on account of it.

3. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid. And used to stay in the pool as long as possible hoping to grow gills..... Artist is almost as good.

4. Id like to learn to sing "Rapture" by Blondie in japanese

5. Ive carved avadaco seeds, sealing wax, twigs and antler. Ive never gone more than a week without making something with my hands. so, if I get in a bind I use whatevers around. Dont stand in one spot too long if you visit.

6. innagodanavida now baby!
So , you read through all that?! Here's your reward. Updated piccie of my pretty zombie fairy. I switched out one of her blue eyes for an orange one. Creepier yes?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nita goes ugly early

Well here is a difficult little zombie character who has been insisting she get made just now. Never mind more important peices these aperitions decide who gets worked on when. Ive even been woken at 3am to sculpt some strange and usualy non sales freindly peice!

This is a bit of scrap clay.. quite filthy and manhandled.Thing is I keep trying to make her cuter. As a zombie girl should be huggable right?That right eye keeps wanting to wander like it has a mind of its own.


Here are some 2" hollow lozenge beads some finished some not. I managed to sell 4 on the bottom row before I got them listed on esty. So, now I should get on making some more.

These are alot more relaxing than sculpting a full figure. I mix clay colors at random and put them through the pasta machine layered for sheets that that look torn up and something like strata.

Then after those are cured I can add a face or some such element sculpted on top. I also just recently started adding gem chips into the clay too. It adds a subtle texture change from the opaque clays.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avalon Preistess WIP's

Im busy with this preistess commission. Working on her body she looked pretty good till I put my steampunk bifocals on and saw that I had lots of black lint and fibers to scrape off before they got embedded in the clay!
I feel as if Im sculpting with fly paper on a farm. I realy love her expression and eyes though.I hope to buy an airfilter to fix this issue cause Im sure alot of production time is wasted picking , smoothing and picking again! Arggg! Wearing white is not enough and if I must Ill end up sculpting in a climate controled bubble!!!!!!!!

Ive spent days furring this little fox and have her face and paws left to fur. Its very careful ,time consuming work ,but the idea of having a soft natural looking tiny animal drives me wild. I takes far more fur than I imagined and I had to dye a second time only to find the furs looked diffenrt shades!

Here they are together on thier lake side base which might get a bit more flotsam and grass. Once she has hair and a lovely dress ,they should look great together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its true,stars shine britest at midnite

I bet you never thought Id make a blog! Im pretty hermity and quiet,but here I am. I hope I dont bore you till you puke. I dont have cute sticky kids to show or a luxurious home and workshop filled to the rafters,but I do have a constant flow of ideas, dumb thoughts , heretical theories and demented works popping from the receses of my mind.
I thought Id post sculpting WIP's, new media ideas that can be applied to OOAk sculpture, ball joint wips since Im working on a head for Therese Olsen's Ilysande and also maybe introduce you to the many artists ranging far and wide across every genre that I love and who inpire me.

This year seems off to a good fresh start. Im officialy giving fee-bay the finger . It was a blessing while it lasted,but now... I dont need them. *rasberries* Etsy is an artist nurturing site I think. You dont see the whopping end price your peer got,you dont have sniping, watch numbers, you dont have feature plus made to ensure for $20 you get seen, then find your many pages deep!
If I can get used to having a store rather that the emotional rollercoaster that is an e-bay auction.
I already feel a muse fog lifting ... some things that have endlessly blocked and frustrated me eyes,bases, wings,smoothing,lint and magnification are now out of the way.

I want to add mixed media assemblage/shadowboxes which Ive always wanted to do,but never have found a good supplier for. I want to make more affordable items . Busts, beads and simpler figures so anybody can afford some of my work. Also Im interested in tiny critters that can go with my figures and also more animal hybrid figures. Youll see for sure more deep engraving dessimated skin my doves*bats lashes*

Of course ,this blog is new. No more website for me, a cutting of the fat for our finacial times:) More money for clay and goodies.