Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A matter about maturity filters.

I put a maturity filter on my blog when I started on account of dolly nudity such as my zombie fairy. I tend to forget about nipples and some are offended by nude barbies! I dont see nudity anymore only sculpting potential heh heh. That penis may as well be a vase!

However, I wondered do people who might come to my blog not visit on account of that annoying ugly warning page? Cause they would miss out on my sweet dark children and my felties or beads ,true? Hands up my little starlings who thinks I need a seperate site for the nudes? See Im priveledged to be sculpting a peice for John Santerineross soon too and it will be hot stuff probably and of course I wanna share. I want to see just how out of the box I can go.

Anyway.I hate the idea of having two blogs theres hardly enough about me to fill one,but if you say so Ill do it!
Of course I added Blaspheme pics just because she seemed fittingly OT .
Peace freinds^-^

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shylita's splinter

I've been sculpting something I've wanted to do a while now,but now was the right moment. I've seen some really neat interpretations .. you know how those can stop you in your tracks wondering if you have something to bring to the table. Also I always avoid a big trend unless its something that goes along with the already estabished goals of my work. If it sticks and nags you over 2 years go on and make it I say!

Its conjoined twins! Well... my pair are less about the actaul physical conjoined twins and more about duality. The "splinter" in the title refers to a shizm in Shylita or an absorbed twin. Kinda facinating that many of us are meant to be born twins ,but absorb the weaker one in utero! I longed for a sister too and have an imaginary freind/shadow sister "Rosa" maybe she could be a remnant of that?

I happened to be lucky enough to meet real conjoined twins when I was age 11 and I thought they must be the luckiest girls ever! They were curly headed blonds about age 5. Perfect little girls who happened to be joined at the shoulder and torso.

Arnt they pretty nestled together?:D
These are about finished except I want to felt some caps for them and had to order the right pale soft color.Anyway enjoy the wip photos for now;)