Thursday, February 25, 2010


Its been a while since Ive posted cause I havent had much good to talk about and my work has been at a crawl. But something shifted at 3am yesterday and I feel healthy pink returning to my creative cheeks!

MP sitting in my felting basket:)
I thought Id post some photos of an side project. This reprents my slow tentative journey into felting.

I names him because his face is chock full of dreaded polymerclay bane called the "moonie">:( *crosses self* and also cause the color of the face looked so moonlike and yet Mooneypearl defies you to say his moonies are flaws!

they are freckles an elegant accent! So see he is also a "pearl" of great beauty like fellow artist Pattee whom he's made for

Ive discovered that this felting thing requires a diffenrt state of mind Im not used to but, have been craving. Felting says "Im cosy and okay just as I am"..sculpting says "not good enough" try harder, your no michelangeo! At least for me. With sculpting I feel such a gnawing drive for excellence that I get no peace! Felt is like cloudfilled bliss.

I glued Mooneypearls cabochon face into the felt which some glue ended up showing Hrmm... Im thinking of buying that cd Karen on clayalley sells that is just for adding polymer clay sculpted parts to feltwork. Have any of you readers got that one? Im not confident with the process of armature,weighting and adding the parts.

Some muse is whispering to me there. Id like to see if I can combine sculpted female parts with furry felted animals parts for shape shifters.

By the way this singular peice of feltwork is what drove me to try combining felt and clay . Its a bag by Irit Dulman & Tal Cohen. I cant resist how unmade it seems. Like weathered by storms or grown that way!