Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boycott Dollfair!

Sticky wickets children! Another rant for the new year! Im posting to warn BJD artists and doll collectors to avoid Catrina Sanders and her company like plague.
Dont buy Briar from her as I will not see any of the money.And you will be gambling on to getting your doll.
I have a new caster and we are discussing casting elf ear Neo Briar. Hopefully I can offer that to you later this year.

In Aug 2009 I sent a master Briar (elf ear version) to Catrina Sanders. It was never molded nor was it returned to me. I was told that the company was relocating , then that there was difficultly matching new resin. Things never went great with the company.
Every couple of months Id write did anything sell? Oh yes some things sold... I was never notified for some reason when anything sold. Sometimes Id ask for a check to be cut and more weeks would go by before Id query again and would get some excuse or lameass remark like .. you wanted it now? UUUhhhh YES! Along with excuses like I broke my wrist, secretary is out sick or Ill cut a check after the dolls come back from the face up artist.

You might remember my other post about Briar at IDEX and how I had lined up talented and well known BJD costumer Vallerie Zeitler to dress Briar but, I was cut out of the loop and she was instead dressed in hideous last minute make do gunny sack looking things.

I was never sent a doll to check before final casting. I sent Briar unfinished I had become sick while making her and was told to just send her as is. Later I saw that the hands and headcap were left terrible and it was never addressed by Catrina. It was carried by me that my doll was imperfect.

You can read online the trouble Bimong and Rachelle known as Lilycat had with her.

from what I hear Batchix has also had difficulties. If you also had some problems feel free to post here your links and information.


  1. yeah, it sounds like you're never gonna' see that doll again...I can only imagine how frustrated and annoyed you must be.

  2. Nope and Im sure that Ill never see the head or a check from anymore sales.Now its just damage control for my reputation and hoping more artists wont get involved with her casting service.
    Lilicat is working on legal action against her.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up - I was seriously tempted to buy your "Briar" from that company - glad I didn't go ahead.
    I'll wait.

  4. Im glad I was in time to warn you Susie!

  5. Happy that you decide to tell your story.
    It is just not possible to let people like that scamming artists and customers that way.
    Wish you the best with your awesome work you deserve it.

  6. I bought Briar in November, she was "In stock" on the website but I keep getting excuses for why it hasn't been sent out or, more often, total silence. I was told it would be shipping on December the 15th and that I would be sent a tracking number next day but nada. Now my emails are ignored. I have been trying to warn people on DOA not to order Briar from Dollfair and to wait until you find another company to work with.

  7. Thank you For writing Rachell and Yve.
    Yves you may get an answer from Joan. Its more likely than from Catrina. Her communication is terrible. I also lost Spampy as a Briar seamstress because of poor communications.

    Here is her email. If you bother her weekly you may get your doll. Ill write as well and let them know Im unhappy about it.

  8. Hey Nita! I'm so glad you've brought this to everyones attention. As you know, I also had bad dealings with Catrina. Always another excuse or complaint. I think it's important that the doll world stays clear of people like her . I'm so sorry you had to go through this as a business person and more so as an artist. It was a delight working with you and I was so sad that it didn't work out due to the actions of another. Your dwork is fabulous and I wish you well with everything in the future! Jen (spampy)Burns....

  9. I am so glad you are posting about this Nita! So unfair to not only you but your collectors as well! Now that the 'word' is out you can regroup with your new caster and unveil an even more beautiful Briar in the future! I can't wait! xoxo

  10. Thank you for the support Jen and Joanna :)
    Ive let Catrina know that she no longer has my permission to cast any Briar's. She has not responded.

  11. oh Nita, so sorry for how this all fell out - hope you have a great experience with your new company - your beautiful sculpts deserve the best!

  12. What a nightmare, I've only just found out about this issue. Shocking how many deeply unethical people there are out there and I'm sorry to hear that you got caught up in the whole mess!
    Bright blessings for 2011, I hope it's much better!!

  13. Hey Anita, just wanted to make you aware that I created a blog here:

    In regards to the Dollfair situation. It's more of a help page for victims, but just wanted you to have the link as well!

  14. It's so horrible that people are out there willing to make people sad like this. :( I'm so glad I found out about this company AFTER I had heard about how bad it was and never did business with them. I hope everything turns out well for everyone! :D

  15. PatL
    The new company Im using is The dollSmith and is a working with EJ Taylor and Forest Rogers! So, I think this time it will go smoothly. I also hope I am in a position to offer new Briar to Yves.

    Thank you NocturnofSilence your blog was an eyeopener!