Saturday, January 31, 2009

Avalon Preistess Angels sing!!!

Here she is in all her glory ,though I have to say her photos dont do her justice! Im so proud of myself for making this dress. ...Yes dont snicker you talented seamstresses! Im so intimidated by costume design,but naturaly I have an unatural love for expensive fabric and vintagey trims and lace so, what better excuse to buy it than to sew PreRaphealite and medieval gowns? I learned about the joy of interfacing and that I desperatly need cloth reserved scissors and that frey check could be my best friend.
I hope you approve of my fox. Its my first and hopefuly Ill get alot better at it. She does have eyes somewhere burried in shadow. Mi lady also has braids that cascade from her temples if you can see them. *grumbles* I get by with a little help from my friends! Tiny rubyred swavarski crystals (on the celtic necklace) Gorgeous moss green silk and "Delectable mountain" batise courtesy of Bev Choi,Victoria Mock, Heidi:)


  1. Nita it is wonderful to see you stepping out and designing the costumes for your pieces - and you are GOOD! Avalon's gown is wonderful, and you went for some tricky stuff there (i.e. the off-shoulder wings). You SHOULD be proud of this piece! She's wonderful!



  2. oh, Nita, you did a beautiful job on her... and her gown! I'm impressed! I've been trying to sew up a phone case and I can't even do that! lol

  3. Nita, she is amazing. That dress you made is beautiful, I can only imagine her in real life. Oh I envy you that fox, I would end up pulling out all my hair(ironically) if I had to fur a little creature like that

  4. Hooray!!!
    You did it girl!
    She is gorgeous and that
    I said you can do it and see....the most beautiful gown.
    And that fox looks like Michelle made it, such a good job.

  5. Nita,

    Yay! You have blog! So fun to see what you are up to! You are such a sweetheart!


  6. I love them both! You should be proud, her dress is perfect! I am also too afraid to sew but I'll try someday because I love costumes :)

  7. She looks just like a Rosetti painting come to life. I would like to pet her lushly lovely fox friend, and give him sugared grapes to eat.

  8. Tracy do give it a shot! Ive been so intimidated in the past and envious of people who could sew and design clothing.

    Slowly the bug got me. Beware though you start to long for the finest silks next thing you know you just have to have some expensive frippery!

    Eleanor, Rosetti is defiantly a great inspiration since I was a kid! :) Ive wanted to see if I could duplicate PreRaphealite paintings in 3d. Which is a high asperation,but maybe I can come close.