Friday, January 16, 2009

Nita goes ugly early

Well here is a difficult little zombie character who has been insisting she get made just now. Never mind more important peices these aperitions decide who gets worked on when. Ive even been woken at 3am to sculpt some strange and usualy non sales freindly peice!

This is a bit of scrap clay.. quite filthy and manhandled.Thing is I keep trying to make her cuter. As a zombie girl should be huggable right?That right eye keeps wanting to wander like it has a mind of its own.


  1. Deliciously macabre! She is demanding that you finish her!



  2. yeah I may have to make some of her kinfolk too! Its so difficult sculpting tiny teeth in an open mouth too.

  3. I agree, she's macabre and you need to keep rolling with her :) No 'cute' stuff for this one..

  4. Why should she be cute?
    You know, Hun, I like the darker things more then the "cute". seems to be a "trend" to like the darker work.
    Go on and finish this great piece, love it already.

  5. she's wicked! love the mouth. you're a brave soul to be woken up by her and live to tell the tale!

  6. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for your words on Myspace.
    I'll follow your blog with great interest(even if I'm not sure wether your incredible artwork rather encourage or discourage me to carry on making dolls!)Anyway, it's also a very pleasant way to keep up my English ;) and I discover very interesting artists thanks to your links!