Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its true,stars shine britest at midnite

I bet you never thought Id make a blog! Im pretty hermity and quiet,but here I am. I hope I dont bore you till you puke. I dont have cute sticky kids to show or a luxurious home and workshop filled to the rafters,but I do have a constant flow of ideas, dumb thoughts , heretical theories and demented works popping from the receses of my mind.
I thought Id post sculpting WIP's, new media ideas that can be applied to OOAk sculpture, ball joint wips since Im working on a head for Therese Olsen's Ilysande and also maybe introduce you to the many artists ranging far and wide across every genre that I love and who inpire me.

This year seems off to a good fresh start. Im officialy giving fee-bay the finger . It was a blessing while it lasted,but now... I dont need them. *rasberries* Etsy is an artist nurturing site I think. You dont see the whopping end price your peer got,you dont have sniping, watch numbers, you dont have feature plus made to ensure for $20 you get seen, then find your many pages deep!
If I can get used to having a store rather that the emotional rollercoaster that is an e-bay auction.
I already feel a muse fog lifting ... some things that have endlessly blocked and frustrated me eyes,bases, wings,smoothing,lint and magnification are now out of the way.

I want to add mixed media assemblage/shadowboxes which Ive always wanted to do,but never have found a good supplier for. I want to make more affordable items . Busts, beads and simpler figures so anybody can afford some of my work. Also Im interested in tiny critters that can go with my figures and also more animal hybrid figures. Youll see for sure more deep engraving dessimated skin my doves*bats lashes*

Of course ,this blog is new. No more website for me, a cutting of the fat for our finacial times:) More money for clay and goodies.


  1. Hi sweety,
    Welcome with your first blog.
    LMAO about your cute sticky kids whaaaaa.

  2. Yaaaayyyy Nita is here! So happy to see that you have this up and running now and I think you will find that just blogging on its own
    can be motivating. Can't wait to
    see your fabulous WIPs and read more of your thoughts.

    This year will be wonderful - I can
    feel it!



  3. ditto to everything Sue just said... love looking at your WIP

  4. hi sweety for answer your question:
    on top of my blog page, on the right, is the follow section.
    If you click on follow this post you're a follower and get my new posts on your dashboard.
    There is also a help page for bloggers


  5. I'm going to really enjoy following your thought are so tuned in and right-thinking!