Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avalon almost finished

Avalon Priestess getting her hair do done. I really surprised myself with the gown. The bodice I had to size and sew over and over to get right.
I might add a simple sleeve panel over the white liene sleeve a plaid wrap with round pin stiched in place and possible a string of beads on the neck.

I tried to get plaid in there somewhere to convey the kilt which has its roots in celtic clothing. Id like to have had a bit of a tribal touch ,but I couldnt think of anything except the wode paint.

I could use some help if anyone has tips about soft body figures. Id like to switch to sculpting a breast plate and hands and making a type of soft body that has a solidish form. Not slouchy.


  1. Hi Nita,
    I have a fabulous pattern for a cloth body, which looks very true to form. I think it would be just what you are looking for. I'm happy to send it to you. Please email me - and I will send you some pictures to give you an idea how it looks.

  2. Nita, Avalon is looking great! I love the way you designed the bodice of her gown. Excellent!

    When I am doing a soft body, I still do a full body wire armature (the same type that I would do for a
    full body clay sculpt). The wire
    skeleton inside the soft body will prevent any slouching.


  3. Hi sweetie.
    You did a great job on the gown.
    I knew you could do it!
    She's looking very good.
    When I make a soft body I use a wire armature with apoxie on it, except on the joints so you can still pose her like you wish.

    hugs Es

  4. Your work is always so professional! The dress suits her PERFECTLY!!! She really is a dream doll!

    Regarding soft body dolls (pose-able), I have found that the best way to "build up" the form fast and with great control over the anatomy and detail is the following:

    - Create a wire armature
    - Cover it with epoxie except the joints (like Essie suggested)
    - Wrap the armature using strips of (thin) quilt batting (like the "warm & natural" brand) or thin (about 0.5cm)foam (used on upholstered furniture).
    - For any bulk areas (like breasts, bottom, belly etc.) glue cotton balls and wrap them with the strips as usual.

    Here is a video tutorial by a wonderful artist that shows the procedure :)

  5. Thank you Yovanka and Essie! uberhugs Ill try a couple differnt methods till I find whats the best,but the epoxy on the wire sounds like a really good idea! That will keep the wire from poking and keep limbs from bending where they shouldnt oughta.