Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last moon of 09

Ho eager newyears revelers! Isnt this pretty? its the veiw out my window right now its the last moon of 09. I wish what my eye sees was captureable but, anyway Ive recorded the moment. I thought it looked fit for a spooky fantasy land. The clouds were drifting slowly like grazing sheep.Ahh!

Art and life wize nothing interesting has been happening and I havent been in the mood for blogging or speaking or seeing humans. Not that anybody reads this. >:P Im settling in my new place. For a while I had a weird sence of freefloating . Unable to concetrate. The supply I need is always at the bottom of the last box I check. So, everthing has been turned on its ear. I have a new downsized studio. A cosy chair with a nice little pull cart on wheels full of supplies. I rather like this, no fuss no muss. Here's my pus-pus Sprocket keeping my spot warm for me.Im finaly getting commitments out of the way to make room for new projects. And Im excited for the new year . Today is the first day I fealt a little bit jazzed.
Happy creating to everyone!