Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are some 2" hollow lozenge beads some finished some not. I managed to sell 4 on the bottom row before I got them listed on esty. So, now I should get on making some more.

These are alot more relaxing than sculpting a full figure. I mix clay colors at random and put them through the pasta machine layered for sheets that that look torn up and something like strata.

Then after those are cured I can add a face or some such element sculpted on top. I also just recently started adding gem chips into the clay too. It adds a subtle texture change from the opaque clays.


  1. LOVE your beads Nita! Congrats on your sales. Will you be putting the rest up on Etsy? The third from the left on the top row, is that a
    lion icon? Let me know if you list it.



  2. Hey Sue Thank you. That ones a frost elf. Gosh I was going to send that one as a gift,but I can always make something else.

    I have a few more than what I have shown.
    yeah they will go on etsy or people can buy em direct from me. I was thinking of getting some hook eyes or something to hang them by to make them more polished looking.

  3. A frost elf eh? From what I could see it looked leonine. My one daughter is a Leo and I'm always looking for unusual and artistic
    lion-type things for her. If you ever do a lion-style bead, let me know.

  4. Your work is awesome, I LOVE These beads... Now I'm off to see more...
    Thanks for sharing..

  5. They're very cool! My eye keeps getting drawn to the one on the lower right.