Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avalon Preistess WIP's

Im busy with this preistess commission. Working on her body she looked pretty good till I put my steampunk bifocals on and saw that I had lots of black lint and fibers to scrape off before they got embedded in the clay!
I feel as if Im sculpting with fly paper on a farm. I realy love her expression and eyes though.I hope to buy an airfilter to fix this issue cause Im sure alot of production time is wasted picking , smoothing and picking again! Arggg! Wearing white is not enough and if I must Ill end up sculpting in a climate controled bubble!!!!!!!!

Ive spent days furring this little fox and have her face and paws left to fur. Its very careful ,time consuming work ,but the idea of having a soft natural looking tiny animal drives me wild. I takes far more fur than I imagined and I had to dye a second time only to find the furs looked diffenrt shades!

Here they are together on thier lake side base which might get a bit more flotsam and grass. Once she has hair and a lovely dress ,they should look great together.


  1. OMG this looks very very promising dear.

    Arrrchh black lint an fibers they are, together with moonies, the nightmare of polymer doll makers.

  2. Hi Nita,
    This is looking fab! Know what you mean about the black lint problem - one of the reasons I largely gave up sculpting in's SO frustrating trying to keep it clean!
    Fox is great - is that a new way of working for you?

  3. Nita, I think both look great. Know what you mean about the little black
    specks - I can totally understand
    why some polymer artists paint their
    whole piece.

    The furring on the
    fox looks perfect! I haven't ever
    tried furring, however admire those
    (like you and Michelle Bradshaw) that
    have the patience to do it.



  4. Im not sure how to make a reply message to ya'll but thanks for noticeing my posts.
    Ive been threatening the husband that I want all fabric replaced with white! On the flip side Im enjoying sculpting in black clay or scrap clay.
    I have painted them on occasion and I like that look alot,but sometimes that flawless transparency calls out to me too. Sighs

    This is my first fully furred animal Susie M
    I have added light fur to human females legs and one cat girl.

  5. Hi Nita! I was following your website until I found this blog today! It's so cool to see your wonderful work come to life!