Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creepy eyes and goodies make me happy

Im stoked today.. I discovered very cool glass eyes! They are made in 1912! Usually I love to drool over vintage supplies of every kind and I get ideas just looking,but this time I just had to buy up all I could afford! They come in 2 parts the white sclera base and the clear glass cornea! You can paint the iris,but Ill have to think on that the dead white is so incredible!
I am going to make some big eyed children with these!:D

So, also my mind has been milling a lot on improving my productions and my figures. I wanted soft bodies. This is a sneek peek of Scarlet tested on a leather body. I made to look old. I think the worn leather body and strange white eyes will just fit together for someone.

I also got this nice metallic lace on Etsy. I adore metallic lace and I think its key for getting a quasi religious look for my martyred child warriors and waifs. But its hard to find in small scale or really nice stuff that doesnt tap me out.

Oh also quick add.. for you Bev this green eyed girl. I havent forgotten!


  1. Wow what a great eyes!
    Lucky duck Nita :D
    I absolutely love the doll with leather body, great work.

  2. Those eyes are fantastic! I'm 'attempting' to make my own glass-like far I'm still in the attempt stage with not much success. I love the white iris' and pupils on these.

    Very cool leather body Nita - I really like the why you have distressed the leather.

    Gorgeous trim. My passion is antique metallic laces and trim.



  3. I think so too Sue! I cant wait to sculpt with them.
    I distressed the ( salvaged leather from an old coat)l by tearing off the patented part in curls like old torn wallpaper, or peeling paint. Im not sure I want to keep using real leather. Because of the extra cost and animal kindess worries,but Ill be sewing a prototype in cotton and painting and sanding that and see if I can fake the look well.
    Mine too! They are gorgeous but, so expensive!
    This isnt old and only cost 6 bucks.The seller said she got it at Joannes.but we dont have that store.
    I know huh? I feel like I won a lottery finding them! Ive been wanting weird old style body's for a while. They are a perfect dark shabby aesthetic for my child busts. Now I need to find what paint or stain is best for patina on leather like material. I was thinking rub n buff.

  4. Oh my... I have never seen so weird looking antique eyes.. WOW!!!

    Can't even begin to imagine how these little beauties will come alive in your hands ;)

    (btw.. the metallic lace you got there is pretty awesome too!!)

    Amazing finds Nita! I always get inspired by supplies :)))

    Regarding the patina effect on leather.. have you considered the "washes" line from the warcraft paints(world of warcraft)?

    They 've got "flesh wash" (I mean the name alone I m sure can get you going hehe) plus a bunch of different hues ranging from a deep blue to a (rotten!!) blood red. These are acrylic paints that look like they 've been watered down. By applying these paints, they stain all of the hard-to-get areas and bring out all the texture!

    Their color range is rather weird too! None of their colors are your typical ones. I am not sure how they would work on leather.. just an idea.. :)

    The leather body works like a dream on Scarlet!!! So decadent and worn and tortured ;)

    Can't wait to see more of these 3G Nita dolls ;)

  5. Yeah they are great Yovanka dear. Great!:D heehee I never saw eyes without the color before either. I suppose these were for factory dolls and never painted. I wish I knew a bit more about them.

    Thank you for the advice I will look at the warcraft washes. I even like the name and the neat colors rotten blood wee!

    I wanted to do these bodys for a long time . You can see in my back posts! They are just enough oddness and beauty. I tried sewing a German pin jointed body and OMG hard!:0
    This one is French. Its a lady body and Scarlets child head is big for it. The proportion is strange,but I like this!

  6. Hey Nitaaa! Didn't know you also have a blog!
    Very nice eyes you got!
    A while ago i bought antique eyes that can open and close :-) Theyre so wicked! But difficult to make a good face with them,hahaha!
    Your leather doll looks fab!

  7. I didnt know you had one too!:D
    Oh the open close ones are neat. Did you post them? I love old dolls!
    I suppose you will need a hollow head for sleep eyes to work.Maybe.

  8. Wow Nita Great FIND!!!! On the eyes and the lace!
    I love the leather body.. I think I commented on it on facebook, but who can keep track on face book!

    The eyes in the new little guy are ones you sent me : )

    I am going to Chicago... does that count as an important journey?

    Take care~: )

  9. Thanks Pat. Gods I wish we had flea markets or good junk shops here,but maybe its safer we dont!Etsy is bad enough.

    Im on DA much more than FB. I still dont like Fb.
    I know :) I recognized the eyes and they look excellent. I knew they would work for you!

    Why not eh?

  10. I know what it's like to get lost in your work, so no worries Nita! It's lovely!

  11. Hi Bev! Im terrible! Should be spanked!:)
    I am always busy with something and still not getting ahead making money.