Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OMGoddess I am in Luv!

Set the pigeons loose!Sound the trumpet's! At last the ulimate love my my life has walzed in. This is what Ive been searching for! I have been studying Polish and French Monstrance, I have been oogleing metallic vestment laces. I have been sculpting dear child martyrs with holes in their chests containing relics and I have petted the memory of my teenaged admiration for the bust of King Charlemagne!
this heavenly relequary bust is via Morbid Anatomy! I take it as blessing Woot!

Im finishishing things up. Scarlet is nearly ready and Ive decided not to included the body this time. Ahhhhh rats! Buuut, it will happen truly. Ive sold my book and used that to bid on pink lambskin. I see you lamb=( My body to grow the grasses that your children's children eat.As soon as I can I will replace with reclaimed leather.

This is a closeup of Scarlet's unusual birthmark. I dyed some nasty greenish blond hair I had into a brown to use for scarlet,but it still seems the wrong tone for her.
I thought you might like to see her nitch has a diamond studded door this time and can be opened easily on a hinge to reveal the content. A faux baby tooth.
Scarlet was a child born blind and with a unusual birthmark and showed unusual talents. A kind child, wise beyond her years.


  1. Oh, I am so looking forward to seeing this one finished!I am so interested in the story and the research you've done...the antique metallic trim and all...already breathless with anticipation...

  2. Thank you Pam.
    Ive always been a geek for artifacts in Smithsonian,but I love a heavy dose of fantasy too.Not so much dry history of kings and wars. So I combine and make up ages that didnt exist.Maybe parallel ages where the saints and people in power were children with psychic abilities.

  3. Just as I thought I had pretty much figured out your work... here you come with this post.... all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This line of busts will be to die for and I am sooooo VERY happy that you discovered and shared these ref pics...

    ...this amount of inspiration in your (super skillful) hands.. can only mean one thing... an absolutely FABULOUS doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Always in awe

  4. I'm looking forward too Nita ;-)
    I believe there are parallel ages. Don't you know we(the "unusual"artists) live in it?....

  5. I am inspired by so much Yovanka!So many photographers, painters ,texures,music ,videogames,opera,folklore history, my dreams and mixing new supplies or media.

    But this is like some puzzle piece. I was calling the holes in my children reliquary nitcho after the Spanish Santos. (Wooden dolls of saints) Monstrance are not shaped like people but, have the bones ,hair or items from a saint inside them all decorated around with silver and gold.

    I had seen one reliquary bust till now and this has soft elements cloth, hair and bones!More like a doll!

    I guess so Donna. Sometimes I think I prefer there to here!

  6. I am so loving how she is coming together and where you get your inspiration is so interesting! The little niche in her chest is so unusual and unique as you are! She is wonderful and I can't wait until this one is finished! xoxo

  7. hugs J:D Its so cool that busts were made to honor and in a way preserve kings or holy figures. But I want to honor the children inside of us, honor their suffering, growing pains, their strengths and the sentimental remnants of who they were.

  8. Nita, I'm just playing catchup now after being without my internet for several days. I love your blog posts - not only do I enjoy seeing your WIPs and your completed works (ALWAYS inspiring), I usually learn something - i.e. I've been fascinated by reliquaries but reading your posts about them prompted me to do some
    googling of them.

    Scarlett is going to be amazing when she is completed. I'm loving the story behind her. You put so much thought into your pieces, I admire you.


  9. Thank you Sue. Im glad you get more out of it than just an eyecandy thing:)
    Through research and cross reference I get deep into folklore and beliefs old ways of doing things almost useless tidbits really and I connect them in my mind.

    Deep researching the past pays off with ideas off the beaten track.

  10. Scarlet is just breath taking.... I love her coloring and her birthmark Anita...

    Me too I 'm glad that NIADA is opening and loosening up about some of the odd dolls out there..

    That doll the 4 eyed girl was 1,800. would I have loved to been able to have a payment plan. Her husband makes the coolest weird stamps!!! and I have about 10 of his so that was fun to meet him~

    Yes that doll I made with Olga is so out of my element!
    Thanks Nita~: )

  11. Thankee Patee luv!
    I love it! Its exciting and I think will refresh the doll making market.
    That is a pretty good price,but yes a payment plan is needed now days. Stamps huh? is there an online store for his stamps?

    its good to stretch out of the ole comfort zone now and then:D

  12. She is beautiful! I adore her skin tone,and that birthmark is lovely. There is so much beauty and sadness in her eyes...

    You make the most unique dolls! I have never seen work quite like yours.

  13. Thank you lovely Kamille. You too;)