Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kush :Gold,Iron and Blood

So, I finished my sculpture today! I hope you like her. She is a fantasy based on the ancient civilization of Kush.
She is the ghost of a lion dancer that haunts the desert. She met some tragic end so long ago even her name is lost. Maybe if your brave enough to put her by your bedside she will whisper it to you in your dreams.@-@

Originally I started her for the Frida Kahlo challenge,but I had a hideous face that wouldnt obey. I finaly let her do as she would! I'm so glad I did.She is a strong piece! She changed so much! After I baked her she darkened. She had very white kinda bucked teeth but, those darkened too. I thought of painting them,but do ghosts have pearly whites? Shes on Etsy right now.


  1. Wow Nita!

    She is VERY strong, however I see an underlying gentleness to her. I get the impression that she is extremely wise AND fair. I would not be afraid to have her beside my bed.



  2. Stunning!
    Very beautiful and haunting at the same time.
    Exactly how I like it :D

  3. fantastic...just fantastic your imagination knows no bounds and how you put it into clay is beyond words...really cool work love it

  4. Thanks Sue.Your right none of my figures have evil in them however weird they may be and Im sure you would be safe if not protected by such a spirit.
    Thank you Es. I like that best too. True magic is a thing of dangerous beauty and so is life.
    Sweet Pam, thank you so much.(((hug))))

  5. OMG Nita... I didn't think it was possible for you to take one more step into the dark side... yet here you are.. with this jaw dropping piece of work!

    I love the story behind her and wouldn't expect anything less than a being with supernatural powers. VERY powerful!!

    And to think this all started from a Frida sculpt... what can I say Nita.. you 're really good at this...

    ... you should consider doing it full time ;) LOL

    Always in awe

  6. Oh yes Yovanka its possible! Theres more I havent done. You will like it.
    I didnt fill out much of the story ,but Ive been fascinated with the Kushites for a long time. Someone asked me for more information about the character!But I only get bits of things that float in as I work. I dont really know how she died and why.

    Psh!I really should!LOL

  7. Wow! I just found your blog! This is exquisite. She certainly resonates in quite a tribal way. It evokes some kind of ancient cellular memory within me. Thanks!!

  8. She is sooo powerful! She makes me want to scream everytime I see her .. not in fear but in excitment! One of your best yet! You are a genious my dear Nitapin!

  9. Thank you Sophia and Joanna! Ancient cellular memory I like that! If is said that we all came from the African continent so that is fitting.