Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear starlings! I am presently working on 3 child busts,but none of them are finishing up as quickly as Id like or need! I await some exquisite reliquary pendants from Aus that Im dying to use!!! Im further exploring the insides of my dolls poor flayed chests and need windows and ways to hold the hollow clay space open.
Camile is so sweet! I love her,but who knows what the muse has in store for her and me! Im thinking a cameo choker and of sepia tones for her old fashioned hazel eyed look,but I like it if each of my girls has a surprise dark streak in their sweetness.

I am nearly out of mohair, nearly out of clay, one of them got moonies I had to repair and Id so love to hold her back to be molded for a limited edition in resin. I need to sell one to afford the leather for bodies I want to begin making.delays,delays, le sigh. In the mean time Im having a sudden flush of drive to sculpt and ideas like nobodys business! I like this!!!:D

Also I have a book I am thinking of selling to fund my supply needs. Learning to be a doll artist by Martha Armstrong hand. Its in demand right now for BJD making techniques. And Susan Oroyan "designing the doll" most doll artist have this but oh well.

I also have June Goodnows vhs on making molds and casting dolls in resin and a lutz girl body with clothes and wigs. Ill throw in a Briar torso to play with and edit if your a blossuming bjd sculptor that could be helpful..
The body is un-moded ,unaltered, second owner. Im willing to part with.. I will sell say 300 or trade for supples. Like patented leather. I prefer in pastel pink, cream,buff, parchment or any dusty pastel.Quality angora mohair in the palest blond and clay. Flesh clay even the brown in puppen,prosculpt,premo or fimo classic.


  1. Camille is really adorable!
    I hope you soon gets all the stuff you need.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed...

  2. Thank you:) At this point I cant hear her whisper what she is to be. Shes so very quiet. Ill probably give her shortie hair to make do on the mohair.
    One of my girls I have a hoodie hat. Scarlet has no hair yet though. Its my own fault I had to have those antique eyes!

  3. she's beautiful...I really like the idea of the sepia tones--as tho' she's just stepped out of an antique photograph...very cool

  4. Camile is gorgeous. I love the haunted look you get about your sculptures.

    Best of luck in getting your supplies. I wholeheartedly understand your supply situation.

  5. Hi Nita,

    I have some packages polymer(puppenfimo flesh) for you if you send me your new address (I only got your old one ;))

  6. Thank you Pam and Michelle:) Yes I think she looks like an old photo and wistful. Thanks Michelle I think as soon as I put one of the children up Ill get a sale then I can get some more supply.

  7. Es your a dear! my post office is the same.

    Um.. but, some things changed I got a buyer for the book and Im working out something with Yovanka. So it will be okay. thank you so much though. ((((((essie inside my arms)))))

  8. I didn't mean that silly.
    I just send them to you because I don't use them and you make the most beautiful pieces with it.
    I will send them to you just let me know where to send them(in a note on fb or DA)

  9. Okay.Would you like to try the antique eyes? I can spare a pair.

  10. I like them but you don't have to send them.
    Just make something beautiful from the clay and sell it for the big bucks you deserve.
    I'll send you 3 packages puppen fimo that's 3 lbs total.
    You can make a few busts from that I think.

  11. I dont see why not. Im touchy about being a charity case.
    Now that I do busts I use almost a half lb for one bust. I may want to work out better cores than aluminum foil to try and save on clay.
    Of course. I can make a lot with that. maybe I can make something special for you? Ok?

  12. You're not a charity case it's a friends thing, this is what we do in the Netherlands all the time (ask Millie, Donna etc if you don't believe me)!!!
    I'm not using the polymer, you need polymer so 1+1=2.
    Better sending it to you then trow it away, don't you think so?
    I'm sending it and you can decide what to do or not, deal? ;)

  13. Nita, I love the expression on Camille's face - such a wonderful combination of skepticism, wisdom and concern. She looks like she is just about to speak (out of the mouths of babes). Yes! to the sepia tones! Perfect! I'm excited as to what she whispers to you for completion. Your imagination and execution of ideas never ceases to amaze me.

    From reading the comments, it looks like you will soon be back in business as soon as supplies are concerned...yaaaay! It is so frustrating, especially when creativity is high and supplies are dwindling.

    Thank you for the thoughtful comments you posted on my blog. What you wrote helped me put things in perspective abit. I've had several ideas cooking in my head (new type of wings, new eye techniques, new armatures, etc) and instead of just attempting one at a time, I've been compulsively working them out in my mind and then becoming overwhelmed. Silly.

    I appreciate your insight.



  14. I love Camille! I think she is my favorite of the ones you are working on right now.. of course that could change at any second as I love them all! She has such soulful eyes... I can tell you put your heart into her!

  15. She is very soulful. I think she will be very realistic and natural. She changed dramatically from when I started. Im always kinda surprised what hair and paint do.

  16. oh Sue your so very welcome! Im glad I could help.