Thursday, June 24, 2010


This girl turned out really lovely ,but is so hard to get good photos of! She turned out very graceful and sweet ,but light in mood this time not so dark as my other pieces. I had fun draping her dress to look floaty and like you see in classical paintings.

I also discovered it's not so easy to attach a clay figure to a glass base! To solve the problem ,I filled the candle hole with clear resin and drilled that so the wire of of the doll armature fit down inside. Then, I also had to permanently glue the figure with epoxy to keep her from leaning. The candle hole wasn't quite a deep enough hole. Anyway I fixed it!^-^ but, OOAK doll making a problem solvers dream!


  1. she is lovely! (but I still love your dark dolls more!-- so, please keep making them!)

  2. Thank you Pam. I will I love my weirdies.

  3. Nita, I love the soft ethereal look of this piece and also the "flow" of her costume and pose. Well done you!



  4. Yep.. she is as beautiful and gracious just like an ancient greek goddess sculpture... (and I would know as I am living quite close on a number of them lol;) )

    Love her pose... loads of character, emotion and movement on such a tiny, static little work of art!

    Whatever the theme... you can't go wrong Nita!! EVER!


  5. Thank you sweet Yovanka. I loved the greek statuary since I was 13. I used to draw them study the anatomy. At 15 I had to have pictures of the angels and statues in cemeteries when I was in PA. Inlaws thought I was queer.

  6. ...ah well... inlaws always get the wrong impression... no matter how hard you try LOL

    Now that you mentioned cemetery sculptures.. there is a really famous (modern) one here in Athens of a beautiful young girl sleeping. Its called "The sleeping beauty of Halepa" (Halepa=the artist) and it was completed in 1877 (4 years after her death).

    The girl's name was Sophia and she died at the age of 18 from tuberculosis. She came from a very known, rich family and they commissioned the finest marble sculptor of the time for her grave.

    You can take a look here:

    Btw..some years after, the sculptor (Halepa) was diagnosed with insanity.. he suffered from a severe depression after being turned down from the love of his life...

    Pretty dark stuff... you like? :)))))

  7. The do dont they!^.^
    Oh that is so beautiful! Preserved that way she will outlive us in memory!

    So tragic and romantic! Yes I like very much!

  8. Hey MacDowell! Thanks for dropping in. so kind:)