Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gypsy: nobody's child

Im so embarrassed I have so many projects going at once and waiting to be worked on! I even have a commission for a queen of night in the works.
I dont know what happened... I couldnt resist working on her right away! (((( on Etsy now)))))
This lil one wanted to be born now! She has gemstone earings and freehand writing across her forhead, Her hair is the softest pearl grey fur (naturaly shed) and in her gilded nitcho is a picture of a screaming monkey and a uncut crystal. both behind a tiny lense that can be removed.

My zombie fairy awaits the perfect base, Amulet is painted and is getting her dredlocks, my feral girl is slowly getting fur applied to her coat. The trypitch is coming along with its intricate details and in the meantime beads need finishing and I am testing body patterns for future leather soft bodys.


  1. How could she not feel bounded with her?
    She is gorgeous.
    Amazing job sweetie!


  2. I love her Nita! She turned out just perfect! And the little lense with the picture is wayyy cool!


  3. Nita, love. love. love. her! The way you have painted this one (and your other no-name bust) gives them such
    an element of mystery. Add the gilded nicho and they are totally evocative.

    You are one busy lady! I so love to see what you are creating.

  4. Im realy surprised,but really happy with her. her commissioner didnt bond ,but prefered the earlier girl which of course I cant duplicate. So , she is going on Etsy.

    Lucky cause I havent listed there in ages and feel guilty for letting my watchers down!
    I really enjoy this size and painting them comes across really well whenas on tinies the paint must be thin and cant be cakey at all!
    Also I used a wig I made for Briar for her and am in love with fur for hair!

  5. She is amazing! I've always loved the way you paint.

  6. Nita what a gorgeous piece. With such a sweet face but with that dark mysterious feeling, wich I love! oooh, I cannot wait to see more!

  7. Ever fascinating work, Nita! An inspiration.

  8. she is incredible Nita.... as always - it is a wonderful joy to see what you are up to!

  9. She is brethtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your dolls are sooooo beautiful and original
    its hard to have a favourite... but this one
    just speaks to my heart!!!

    So very touching and tender and dark
    and stylish....... just PERFECT!

    Her hair is amazing - fur works GREAT on her
    and her props so VERY cool!

    I am in awe

  10. As always, you have outdone yourself, my dear. She is gorgeous and moody and ethereal and mysterious, all qualities that describe your body of work. I have to ask, though...with the LIST of projects you are working on, you are remembering to BREATHE, right? You are extremely industrious! :o)