Monday, March 23, 2009

The lilest thing

I know I havent been talkative. Im a bit withdrawn, overwhelmed and depressed these last weeks. This will cycle around and Ill be back to myself soon Im sure.

I got a sweet little kreativ blogger award from Tracy ala Dust of Enchantment. Thank's Tracy!

7 things I like... oh dears and I must tag 7 others. Ill get to that later.

7. The sun warm peaches from my tree.

6. waking up to loud purrs.

5. Spring

4 . Intense orange lindt chocolate

3. Threadbare silk velvet

2. My cherished sisterfreinds even the guy ones.

1.When my man gets on his knees and lays his head in my lap.

Ok. heres my kreative blog victims. Eeeh how to find someone not already hit?

7. cause I like all the fun wip and workshop photos!

6. Pat !

5. Sue cause I said Id get you!

4. Christine

3. Erin

2. Susie

1. Joanna


  1. Hi sweety, I hope you feel well soon.
    I know the depressed feeling too well, not nice!
    Big hug,

  2. Nita, your favorite things are also
    mine! Cool!

    I hope with Spring arriving you are
    starting to feel better soon.


  3. Congratulations Nita! A well deserved award!You will feel better soon.. I am certain!
    And I loved reading your 8 things about yourself. Especially the last one! My god how romantic!

  4. Eat more orange chocolate, a favorite of mine too, maybe that will help...and it can't hurt!

  5. Oh Nita, I hope you'll feel better soon, I miss seeing you sculpt...
    Yea eat some chocolate, I love intense orange too, but Lindt Swiss Thins Bittersweet is my fav!

  6. Some flowers are starting to bloom here Vinca's, the almost tree and Rosemary is covered with blue blossoms.

    I love to see sprouting things. I have currant bushes to plant with tight buds and yellow flowers and I hope to make a big untamed hedge of them.
    The warmer weather has helped,but we got snow again. Im glad for the moisture ,but grumpy about firewood costs.

  7. Hi Nita! Congrats on the award :) Thanks so much for visiting earlier and for passing it on to me, I'm honored! :)

    Aww, I hate the cycles too, vicious aren't they. I really hope it passes quickly. Feel better!

    Big hugs,

  8. Hi Nita,
    Thanks for the award - I'll try and comply with the things I have to do before I fly outa here on Sunday........So sorry to hear you have been not feeling too good.........I have a daughter who suffers in the same way, without rhyme or reason - the only sure thing about it is that it WILL pass. It's the downside of the creativity thing, unfortunately.

  9. Nita, thank you so much for thinking about me, however I have this award so will have to gracefully decline it.

    In appreciation though, I do have an award for you:

    The Proximidade Award - please visit my blog to pick it up


  10. Hey Nita, I'm sorry you're feeling down. That happens to me too, for no apparent reason. Sometimes it helps me to step away from everything for a bit, and sometimes it helps to immerse myself in work. In any case, I hope you find your joy again very soon.

    Thanks for tagging me! :-) I'll try to think of seven things. The trouble will be narrowing it down. ^_^