Monday, March 2, 2009

Bizzy Bee

I hope none of you are waiting for me to post beads or sculpture on etsy. Etsy doesnt except paypal for seller fees and my CC is overdrawn and it will take a while before I can get it back to health. So be patient with me. I still want to begin a peice for the ADO challange Shakespeare! But I dont know if Ill have time. A bust of Ophelia I think because I adore Waterhouse and Milias

Ive been working on this elf head version of Briar. The head is done and the cleaned up hands are done too and Ill be sending those out right away to get cast. I think shes even better as a fae girl. Elf ear Briar is slated to debut in Dolls magazine too:D

Ive been juggling! I finished my sexy godess commission Emma. Check my deviant art page to see several high res images of her.

This heres my Tryptich in progress. Coming along well and Im excited to see it develop. Same theme as the previous one and it'll probably be encrusted with ornament by the time Im finished. Its 8" instead of 4" so , Il include a doll inside and will have the two side flaps. Somehow it reminds me of the big door to Moria in lord of the rings. I used Durland's wax medium with ocher pastel for antiquing the paper. It gives it a nice texturel.


  1. Nita, the elfin Briar's head is wonderful! I really really like it!

    Love the way you sculpted the chest medallion and necklace on your
    commission piece with the silk trailing out of it. Great anatomy
    work also on this.

    I'm really lovin' the WIP tryptich, please post more pics as you work on this!

  2. Hi Nita!!!

    OH! I was so happy when I seen your blog!!
    This way, in adittion to look your fascinating sculptures, I will be able to read you so often and to know you a bit more :)

    JOJOJOJO.... I´m very glad :)


  3. This looks rad, but clicking on it does not give me a larger image. :(

  4. Sorry about the pictures. I dont know why they wont enlarge! :(
    I can put them on deviant art so they will be high res.

    Thank you for stopping by
    Love to you Sandra! I adore your work since forever!

  5. Hey Nita, Etsy is in beta testing to allow sellers to pay fees via Paypal, so hopefully you get your wish (and the wishes of thousands of other sellers) soon! :-)


  6. Hi Nita,
    I have an award for you. Come grab the award picture from my blog and then give it to 7 other bloggers whom you think are also very KREATIV!