Saturday, April 4, 2009

Arinhrod wip's etc

Here's my commission in progress. Night queen Arinhrod. Her name means "silver wheel" refering to the stars.

She is further along that this. I always take pictures to reveal assemetry and flaws. Ill be busy on her April ,but Im also furing a coat for a feral girl for Etsy. That takes alot of patience if you dont want the fur to look mangey! And Im almost out of crafters pick aeeeh! Then I have continueing work on my tryptich. With a tiny automata girl curled inside. Im really excited to see her finished. Im in the middle of moving my workshop from its cramped ,dark little hallway to a spare room once my husbands guy room/den. Lookd into disks of old wip piccies today and of my old work areas, Im always so jealous yet intrugued seeing other peoples workspaces! So many goodies and tools, bolts of cloth like that princess and the pea story and dolls laying about. I dont have much to see but, parts and peices of accidents. my desk is childs bedroom vanity without a mirror. Someday Id like to refurbish it and paint some nature scenes on the front of the drawers. but its not comfortable to sit at long so Im guilty of sculpting while checking email! Which I read at ADO invites ...dust! Ptah save us!


  1. Ohhh can't wait to see your little automata doll.


  2. Me too I am looking forward to seeing the automata doll! She already looks very cool.

    Cramped spaces... I'm so glad your getting an actual room!!! You need it...

  3. The automata doll has been in the works in between my commissions and other stuff! She will be inside the tryptich with two side doors. I cant find attractive tiny hinges so, I might afix them permanent. Shes sort of curled up in a fetal position looking over her shoulder.. and of course I have to dress her. She tiny about a 7" child.

  4. Oh yeah Pat. I need space somethin fierce!

  5. Hi Nita, Your pieces are seriously amazing already. Congrats on getting a room to work in!! I have my own room now too, it's a WIP! It's sooo nice to have a private space to create in however, it seems no matter the size its just never big enough hmm, or perhaps I just have too much stuff! ;)

    Thank you so much for your comments! Yes that piece is a sample for the class. :) I have no doubt a dragon made from your hands would be incredible!

    I have given you The Proximidade Award.
    please come back to my blog to pick it up when you have a moment. You so deserve it!

    Hugs and luv,

  6. Hello dear Nita,
    I like the "special"which have your art!