Monday, April 19, 2010

Shylita's are done

I was so out of my element with these two girls. Once their little hats were on and the soft bunny hair they were just so darned sweet!Like bundled up for snow play. I decided to give them plump little hands even though theyre just a bust,it seemed to really animate their expression.

Ok so you might be perplexed about my previous post with no comments enabled Ehem.. I was fooling around with settings and wasnt aware I had done that then later I tried to come in and fix and the blog would not load. I finaly figured out Id go to another blog,sign in and come in through the dashboard.
So, I had decided to go ahead and post my naughties right along side my cuties and to hell with decorum,but Ive changed my mind again and will censor the doll nudity here. Maybe little bars or stars.. You can still see them uncensored on deviant art. Im satisfied. No more warning pages like my art is something aweful!


  1. Lol on the bars and stars. I love this pair. they have such soft sweet faces.

  2. Stunning work . I tried to comment to your comments disabled post LOL, your work is too beautiful to be censored but I think you've come up with a solution . It should keep everyone happy and it gets rid of that awful warning page !
    julie xx

  3. wow.... they look so freaking real ... and so beautiful...

  4. There's nothing awful about your art, or doll nudity for that matter! :o)

  5. Nita, you have outdone yourself with these two. So softly beautiful. The colours are so delicate, soft and gentle......gorgeous.

    P.S. glad you got your comments fixed. I sent you a message on Etsy about it as I was frustrated I couldn't comment! LOL



  6. They are absolutely delightful, Nita! You're right in that they look like they're ready to go out and play in the snow :)

  7. Yay! Looks Lovely! I am enjpying the head pieces they are wearing.

    Must admit, glad to no longer get the warning page. But it was worth clicking through!


  8. Thanks everyone:)Sorry it took me so long to figure out there was a problem :rolling eyes:

    I got your message Sue all is well! Ah Melissa your such a sweetheart. I wonder why Blogger cant make a cute warning page!