Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A matter about maturity filters.

I put a maturity filter on my blog when I started on account of dolly nudity such as my zombie fairy. I tend to forget about nipples and some are offended by nude barbies! I dont see nudity anymore only sculpting potential heh heh. That penis may as well be a vase!

However, I wondered do people who might come to my blog not visit on account of that annoying ugly warning page? Cause they would miss out on my sweet dark children and my felties or beads ,true? Hands up my little starlings who thinks I need a seperate site for the nudes? See Im priveledged to be sculpting a peice for John Santerineross soon too and it will be hot stuff probably and of course I wanna share. I want to see just how out of the box I can go.

Anyway.I hate the idea of having two blogs theres hardly enough about me to fill one,but if you say so Ill do it!
Of course I added Blaspheme pics just because she seemed fittingly OT .
Peace freinds^-^


  1. the penis as vase had me rolling on the floor...that aside, the doll is gorgeous, of course! regarding the maturity filter--would you really want people who are offended by the sight of a nipple to view your work anyway? ain't worth it! all that aside, the doll is gorgeous (of course)!

  2. I really love Blaspheme she is perfect!

  3. heh heh Its true.Nudity is so natural to me.Some of my work got deleted from Myspace even though the youngest members there are 14. Last I knew 14 yr olds shower in gym everyday.
    I agree if people are that squeemish by all means skip me. Simply having the warning there feels wrong.
    Thank you both for Blaspheme.I'm still working on her.She has been so challenging!Her hair is rooted and her skin is so translucent every fleck shows.