Friday, May 29, 2009

Song a unicorn girl!

Well if you havent seen her yet.. spamed all over I did^-^ I have to post images of my uni girl here too. Im just so proud of this peice! Download the super highres at deviant art!

She is sold today and didnt make it to Etsy. Im sorry about that,but my recent not feeling too hot has progressed into a full blown strep throat or staph. The whole... list it, describe it , price,notify list seemed overwhelming . So I took ye old quick and easy route. Nitabug falls to peices bit by bit film at 11!

Her hair is a 7" long mohair. I put the mohair in peroxide and in a sunny window to lighten it further since I cant seem to find a shiney soft mohair that is a true white. Its still not as albino pure as I had in mind ,but close enough. I kinda wish Id sculpted her fully so I could make her white hooves and forelock too!
She has large holes in her earlobes but no earings. Also a large lowerlip /chin hole but no plug there. Theres a chance that over the ages in bad times gems and gold were taken to be sold or melted down . Sad dont you think? Since we have so few artifacts remaining that show the fine workmanship of the unirace.
The little bit of clothing she has is felted milk fiber. A bit of the storm blue I posted about earlier. Then I added a thread knot. I pull these out of the washing machine and save them. Inevitably the seams on my clothing hook on another peice of clothing and I find these serindipidous knots of colorful threads. I felted that into the milk fiber. Very organic no? And a pretty clear irridecent star pin that at first was sculpted right into her crown on the left side. I think it belonged to her grandmother. This is what my muse says... I dont make this stuff up!

I need to find another star button. one of my many family pet moms pet name for me is Starseed. So I wanted to make a starseed peice. Husband says "no, if you make that its mine"! So , in popped the quirkey replacement name Starwad. I will get around to making a starwad bust when a star object pops up in my life and says" hey there you need me doncha?"*winks*

In the meantime Flame and Ash bust for the elements challange will be emerging along side other bits and bobs.


  1. You sold her already?!
    Naughty Nita.
    No just kidding, good for you sweets!
    She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

  2. She is beautiful... I have always loved your work. Congrats on the sale.

  3. She is AMAZING!!! Her mouth looks like my grandson's. Beautiful work!!

  4. Nita, I love this piece! Thank you so much for detailing your new techniques too, sounds really interesting, and the end results are fabulous!

    Feel better soon!

  5. Love her... and spam away :]. This is the first time I've seen her.

  6. LOVE her! ;-) What more can I say? You always blow me away with your magicical muse. I can't wait to see what you do next.
    I also love hearing where you find your 'details' for your work. The 'washing maching' made me smile... you think like a true artist. The mind never stops thinking about art.. no matter what we're doing.

  7. Incredible!! She came out amazing Nita!!


  8. She is lovely!!! Question for you, is she clay? What sort cernit, puppen?

  9. Hi!your creations are very original and particular! i love this one!!!