Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arinhrod the second attempt

Hello here I am ! half bubble off plumb ,but fighting the good fight!Here are fresh piccies of Arinhrod turning out much more to my liking this time.

Ive scultped her hands and only have to add them after a bit of sanding. Im doing so poorly at finishing her in a timely manner and Im far more inspired to work on busts right now! Simpler to finish , larger so no squinty detail and no need for clothing. I am planing to close commissions for a while to recover.But still have a mermaid commission for June. really would like to have Arinhrod finished by that time. I was hoping to get some deep blue czech glass buttons for her crown. Similar to what Mucha medalions on his ladies on either side of the ear. I found these from Crazycakes on Etsy.

Czech glass buttons are so dreamy Id like a huge collection of them! Of course instead of keeping them for show Id sculpt them as cabochons into creepy masses of my" dark baroque "engravings


  1. I think I can just say WOW Fantastic!!!!!!

    Did you get my package yet????

  2. Thanks, her body and clay color is much better this time and I swaped out the wood base for this absinthe green half sphere I made custom.
    Yes I got the package! Go to DA and see my message there:D

  3. She looks amazing. I am so glad to hear she is finally cooperating with your intent.

    I love beautiful buttons and shinies. I have a bit of a button problem--I seldom use them for anything, but they are so nice to look at, so I collect them in little boxes and piles. Did you buy those buttons for her?

  4. She is coming along incredibly! I love the base.. and the cool green color. Looks like marble.

  5. Nita, I'm really looking forward to seeing her finished...she is awesome!

    I love the green base you made for her too, such a fabulous translucent green orb - beautiful!