Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colorless World

Is the title of my new sculpture.She is taking longer than I thought. She has no hair or soft elements. I even sculpted her eyelashes and a small braid in back. She wears a full black clay suit with gothic incised patterns, embedded vintage ink stained rhinestones and an aged ivory Lorraine cross emblem in front.
I really love her expression and this style. The framing effect of the costume clay versus the painted skin colored clay. Id really like a buffed gloss finish to the black and then with some corrosion and aging effects on the surface.

I think she still needs gloss on lips and around eyes. I dont know if I should paint her eyebrows black. Maybe soft brows make her eyes pop...What do you think? :) I feel really good about my work this year. Really stoked about some really special ideas I have.


  1. What a stunning piece of work Nita. I think softer brows, her eyes are just so beautiful! Jain x

  2. No doubt you feel good about your work! She's perfect! I can see her thinking about the world she lives in...sometimes a world of missery....a colorless world...
    She's kinda sad about it,but it hardened her.
    No, you have to leave the brows just the way they are and no gloss around her eyes. Don't change anything exept for her lips,but not too glossy.

  3. I like her, she almost doesn't need eyebrows

  4. Thank you ladies:D ok no brows.She still feels unfinished to me.
    Colorless started out about her eyes Donna.Which are white(pale grey) ,but then your exactly right about her expression and the implied meaning.

  5. Wonderful piece! Her face looks so realistic!

  6. I love this, Nita! If you do anything more to the brows, maybe just rub in a bit of colour to the sculpted brow hair and rub most of it off, so that it just sits in the grooves - probably not black, though, maybe more a grey.
    The expression and the eyes are stunning - and I love that her ethnicity is ambiguous.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling good about your work this year.....never doubt that you are an amazing talent!

  7. Her expression is amazing. beautiful.