Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hard Candy

1st day of my bust. no inkling whats coming except that I wanted a lollipop in her mouth.

2nd day of working on my bust. Shes really turning out to be a cutie! Today it popped into my mind to make her theme "artifical sweetner" After hearing the No Doubt song of the same title. This is because I feel split in two. I often have to sweeten my works to make it saleable. Much more with my fairy work than now but, being a doll artist part of it is making something appealing, pretty and sweet for others,but I also have a very dark surreal side.Thats not always easy to stick with and feel loved doing. its more like sticking your neck out! I take a lot of joy in my dark surrealistic play but, its tempered a sort of balance I suppose of beauty and danger.

3rd day: I worked on making her appear a touch older. More like a preteen. I juggled a few sweetner related names in my mind. Stevia, Saccharine,Faux Sugar, Splenda. Finally I decided "Hard Candy" was a nice compromise. It goes with her biting the jolly rancher so to speak..,but also the metaphor nuances Im fussy about.

Today was hoping to have her in that oven and painted ,but I spent most of the day smoothing and pecking around the eyes to get just the right amount of expression. Added ears and more work to her shoulders and back. A bit of pastel on her lips and cheek livens her up.


  1. She sure is a cuty! I know excactly what you mean by "saleable". I guess that i don't make saleable creations,cause nobody wants to buy some of my creepy stuff :-(
    Because of that,i didn't make shit for about 3 months,but i thought about it and began to miss the clay,so i finally made a new creepy doll,hahaha!She's on my newest blogpost now.
    And if nobody want her....well, than she keeps all my other orphans who wander around my appartment company :-)

  2. Love seeing the process! she sure is as sweet as candy.Amazing work again Nita!

  3. Oh my Nita......I have been following your progress with her on FB and so love how you have
    done the shading on her. LOVE this piece!

    I also know what you mean by saleable. I tend to 'do cute', but honestly? I really enjoyed when I made the zombie bust and see more dark in some of
    my yet-to-be created pieces. It is a bit of a fine line when you are creating, not only for your own satisfaction, but also to sell....but I do think that you have to be true to yourself as much as possible.

  4. I think its something every artist deals with to some degree.What pleases the artists doesnt always appeal to buyers. But were lucky to be artists right! A sale is icing on the cake.
    Im glad you came back. Clay has you by the tail now and not going to let go!

  5. She's Amazing Nita, you're between my favourite Artist and this is... Another piece of yours all to be admired and loved!!! <3