Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All dolled up at Eclectix

Eclectix site has been updated with images in the mini side show "All dolled up"

Show includes yours truely... Nita , Kerry Kate, Sheri deBow and JennyBird Alcantara!!!! How very cool! ^-^

Click on "current exhibit"

Sorry I have not been posting but, Im almost moved into my fresh new house.


  1. I bet it's a fabulous Show Nita...
    I'm so glad you're moving into you're new house. Do you like it?

  2. Best of luck with the new house. We found out we have move soon too. Ughh! So not looking forward to it.

    I hope you manage to recapture your art -zing. I absolutely miss seeing all your awesome creations.

  3. Nita, the show is wonderful - wish I could visit it to see it live. I like all your pieces, but Amulet holds my heart.

    Good luck on your move!


  4. Hi Nita,I am so happy I found your blog ! I admire your art since some time now. I love how you mix grotesque and beauty,dark and innocent,real and magical.
    Its all amazing... beautiful and magnetic.

    all the best


  5. Congratulations on the exhibit, Nita. Your work looks great in that collection-- the perfect venue for you. Hope you are settling well in your new house.