Monday, June 8, 2009

ADO Elements Challange FIRE

This is Flame O'neal . I started her in brown prosculpt since I had that around and I wont use prosculpt for any tiny sculpture since its fragile and I mixed in some kato. My clay was getting low so, Im going through my scrap clay! At this point I hated her. It seemed she might never look right.

Since I missed the other challanges I figured I better do this one cause what if the next challange suxs and uninspires ... Im likely to get kicked out of ADO!

So, anyway I chose Fire as my element. My reasoning is Ive done alot of mermaids,blue dressed peices and I havent done much in the warm tones. I thought of Austrialian opals and citrines and topaz.
Plus I took into consideration the symbolic values of each element. I have plenty earth ,water,and air in my life,but I could sure use some fire! Energy, excitement , passion! A little balance is in order right?

Now I hear in the back of my brain.. you dont belive that fluffy shit do ya? Well first of all the unconscious speaks in symbols ...realy has a time understanding left brain concepts like labeling things and order, numbers , writing, time , schedualing and measurement... ya know all that stuff Im lacking?
And guess what doves?? your muse is most comfortable shacking up in your right brain. So.. its not so far fetched that speaking in her own language (imagery, directions, symbols, faces and emotions) and seeking balance in your expression could make for a healthy muse. Eager to please YOU her helpless host. ^-^
Look what happened. Scary huh? I think I am thrown a curveball sometimes. She appears purple in this shot because of blue skylight. I got this silver nimbus crown and I think she looks swell with it. I decided from the begining I wanted to base my fire peice on the purifying qualities of flame and the way after a fire ash will cause plants to regrow.

Here she is now. Looking lovely and angelical.

She will also have a companion Ash a small being.. I have yet to sculpt him and her hand and of course she needs hair and other things to complete. Luckily I have the end of June to finish her.


  1. She is gorgeous, love the way you made the burnwounds look nice somehow. Can't explain it very well but she touches me.


  2. well done, sweets.
    She's gorgeous already.
    Hmmm have to think what kind of headpiece I must make now, mine look very much like yours hahahaha.
    I'll come up with something else.


  3. She's beautiful. Her eyes are haunting.

  4. She's amazing Nita!! Her burn mark, the crown and the white material, makes me think of healing. I read that you painted the last girl before you baked her. Did you paint this one before you baked or after?


  5. She is 'Saintly' beautiful N! I see her and hold my breath.. then go .. awwwwww. Bravo!

  6. Wow she's lovely... in a dark kind away.... Amazing work! As always!

    Nita did you ever get the heads I mailed you??????????

    Pattee : )

  7. Nita, she is amazing! YOU are amazing! (no, really, I'm enamoured with her, beautiful work)

  8. Thank you all.
    Rosanna Im painting before curing now since this allows me alot more subtly in captureing an antique appearance. ALso since I dint liek the hue of the dark clay I added light clay over top of it in a thin veneer. The burned areas are still dark clat so some of what you see is paint and some is the color of the clay.

  9. NITA did you get my package?????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Nita, I love reading the thoughts and process behind your incredibly
    arresting pieces. This piece is beautiful!

  11. Pateeeee!!! dont panic. Please, check DA for your messages.

  12. I love, love her--thank you for the background story and WIP pics. Loves reading about your process. I am hoping I can do something, but not sure if I will pull it off in time. I think I just need to make time.