Friday, February 6, 2009

Ill tell you what you can do with yr glitter!

Im a little under the weather but, I wanted to show off my zombie girl . She's looking better even has the pointed ear thingy goin ,but I still think her expression is less than spot on. Ill have to get in more practice with extreme expressions. I took the lazy way out with the armaure and just worked my way down with smidges of aluminum foil and epoxy as I went. I had a smaller cupsize but husband insisted I fill her out more.
Whats so fun about this is Im using scrap clay and I havent mixed an entire batch for even color tone,but tiny batches with lots of translucent clay. That means she ends up with alot of mysterious layered colors. You can see it in the head since I have it pre-cured before adding more clay on top. So after I cure if she gets a flaw it should be no problem to carve it out and back fill and it will only add to the lovely mottling of her custardy skin.
sugestions for the perfect zombie punk fae wings pretty please?


  1. Coooool Nita!
    I also love to work with lots of translucent clay mixed in!
    The wings hmmmm I will think about it but you know I'm not a wing person (except for my new one hehehehe)


  2. What about flesh colored wings(with corps stains) with scars/scar stiches and some blood shot eyes attached to the wings?

  3. She looks great so far and I like the idea of fleshy wings too. Kind of like a bald bat with the membranes and veins visible.

    Good luck!

  4. hum. Since it express your frustration and anger and such, and since the faires are tipically represented with a) butterfly or b)firefly wings, i would suggest moth like wings, maybe or
    Since moths are like desaturated versions of butterflies, and the hairy and brownish kind of wings they usually have, keep color and tone with the style of the sculpture. Maybe a version of the first moth link where the eye-like shapes (they are supossed to look like eyes to predators) could be some other sort of eyes, maybe angrier, maybe scarier, maybe darker, maybe with drops bloodlike, like tears, or something.
    Ok, i could keep on that vein for hours, but you asked! :D

    Good look with them!